Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cameron Highland

Photo by my cousin, Potato~

Last week I went to Cameron Highlands with my families to chill :D


My simple yet stylish outfit XD

Irrelevant: My brother out LED lights in his car lol. Quite distracting actually..It blinks according to the beat of the song.

It's kind of cool though XD

So, I almost threw up and faint on the way up the stupid hill. -exaggerating -
Turn right, turn left, rotate 360 degree, up, down, flip, so

-Not going to go to these hilly places again unless someone willing to sponsor me helicopter ticket XP-

Anyway, I managed to made it up alive. :D
After dumping all our junks in the apartment and changing my shirt cause it's cold, we went to eat steamboat.

Well, not this thing, we changed it. -points to picture of people eating at the back-
And 1 word..SUCK. The restaurant is awful. The water taste funny, the meats were kept in the freezer for goodness knows how long, the garlic are extremely yellow, and not to mention I kept touching spider webs eww. -.-

After that, pergi jalan-jalan at pasar malam :D
Unfortunately it's raining, so stop by a convenience store to buy umbrella. And I spot..

COTTON CANDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -go crazy-
I'm obsessed with cotton candies nowdays -w-
So, I bought one of course XD

Happy happy wtf

On nom nom nom

Mess aound XD

At the pasar malam, there's food everywhere!

Well theres more but I'm too lazy to upload -shot-

Strawberries coated with chocolate!! Yum.
And there's honey in comb too! First time eating it and seeing it lol.

So cute and sweet >w<
I used to hate honey lol but then my taste suddenly changed 0w0

Back at the apartment loaded with foods.


Bought this cute cap for RM10. XD


The next day, we visit strawberries farm, bee farm, tea plantation etc etc.

Cute strawberries :3

Bee farm :D The sunflowers there are really pretty ^^ The bees are kinda scary though. I keep having the paranoid feeling it's gonna sting me ._.

At Boh's Tea Plantation. Had to hike up the plantation -w-

Tea tea tea tea tea tea lol.

Random pictures taken at I've forgotten where -w-
On the way back, we stop at a shop and bought strawberries tart :3 

While waiting for the tarts to be baked, messed around in a shop selling hats and bags next door XD

This cap suits my uncle so much lol.

After that we went home, which is :) and :( at the same time cause:

-Cameron is getting boring
-I missed my doggies


-I need to go though the traumatic feeling of going down the hill, which is WORST than coming up
-I don't to feel the heat in KL T^T

Lol. -w-

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