Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet 16.

 Today, or rather yesterday (meh it's past 12am) is my sweet 16 birthday :D

Honestly, I never expected anything. Nothing at all, except Aki's artwork and a cake that Chii promised to make. And I was like kind of emo, thinking what a loser I am and no one really loves my wtf.

Then Sofea  sms-ed me on er, forgot when, but sometime last week. Asked me to go bowling. So of course I agree eventhough I am real bad at bowling. Planed a date, Monday.

So, Monday came.

Took the bus from Sungai Long, and went to The Mines. Lunch at Soup Express. The spaghetti taste weird D: Like dishwasher soup DX Awful!

 Lol my dark circles =w=

After that we went bowling together :D
I sucks at it T_T The ball keep rolling towards the side and went into the 'longkang' D:
Still, it's great fun ^_^

Mood boost up :D

Then somewhere sometime somehow the though of Aki's artwork and Chii's cake suddenly make me happy lol whut. I'm thinking it's not everyone that put efforts into your present!

(Okay I admit, before that I though that gifts bought with money is better WTF -strangle myself-)

So..Mood becomes better.
 Around 12.30am (sorry forgot time) ze' very awesome Yenni sang for me lol. And yes I can't stop laughing
 when I hear it XD Check it out 8D

Click here 8D

On thursday (Today, yesterday, whatever but its 17 November 2011) Chii-chan came to my house, bringing the cake she made with her mom.
It's cute >w< And OISHII DA!

>w< Me so happy ya know. THANKS CHII!!!
And tell your mum too XD

Mood become very happy.

And suddenly, she take a present out from her bag, and I'm like..@A@ WHAT?!

I have completely no idea what it is. Totally no idea. Mind blank.
Excited, I began opening it carefully.

And...I found a card.
On top of a box.

But I ignored the card (leopard print!!!) , cause I recognized the box, as a wig box. @A@
I opened it, and guess what..

CHIHIRO WIG WTF!!!! @A@ I'm so freaking touched!!!!!!!! But after I read the card, I'm even more touched!!! It's from Chii, Aki, Yik Jia, Crystal, Cui Li, Kawai, Xavier, Hoi Yee!


And I'm speechless, my mouth gaping open like an idiot.
And NOOOO!! I shed manly tears Q_Q
Thanks soo much you guys!!!

To think I'm such an idiot in the first place..I feel so guilty you know =n=



Went to Japanese class after that. Ate Chii's cake there.

Lol. It's so awesome. The cream is great, and normally I HATE CREAM. Though this one's different.

Mood: In paradise

At home, ate my birthday...tart. I told mum I'm fed up with those shops cake, so she bought a tart :D

Strawberry tart  >w<
And yeah, Chii's cake strarberry too XD

And you know what? Even the box is the same lol.


And yeah, I received a present from Uncle and his family 8D

Leopard print cushion!! Wtf. lol.

He wrapped it up in newpaper so thick lol.
Still, I love the cushion >w<

Mood: Bliss

Well, today can be said as the most awesome b'day I ever had :D

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happpyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And will be going for dinner on this Saturday wahahhaha XD

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  1. Eieieiei, what about my song? XDDD
    Loljustjk, good to see that you have a great time ;D