Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thailand trip - A super delayed post.

Haha..I din't have time to post this, until now...Or you can say I'm lazy..Whichever suits you best :P
Well, the Hat Yai trip is a great experience. It's the first time I've been to a place so different from Malaysia. Singapore is just like Malaysia to me. 8D

In the bus.
After travelling for around 7 hours, we finally reached =A= So tired.

But guess what, we still can't check in to the hotel, so had to roam around first...-.-

Went to buy some Thailand stuffs first.. ^ Lol at the pic xD
After that, went for er...Shark fin soup and other chinese expensive foods @@
Lol the shark fin =w= I think it's a vegetarian one..I just hope so >.<



The fin @_@
Next stop, boat market. 8D

 Food 8D

 Fried kuey teow xD

 Lol I'm wet..Raining that time..Anyway, drinking longan drink 8D Using bamboo as cup >w<
Pretty cheap :3 20 Bath, which is RM2 8D And it's delicious!

Also have a choice of Doraemon clay cup, but I went for bamboo ^^

Well, after that, went back to hotel ^^ And enjoy massage :D It's so soothing to my tired body ^^

Next day, visit temple and watch Ah Gua show lol. Also, in the morning, went to eat buffet. And market. And I don't when we visit all those place. 2nd or 3rd day. I've forgotten..It's been a month @_@

Anyway, at the market:

 Tuk tuk car 8D

My fat fat leg Q_Q

At the temple:

I know, we're awesome.

After visiting the the temple, went to Ah Gua show ^^ By the way, Ah Gua is dragqueen.

 This dude here. I hate you!
 He's damn idiotic. Very funny, but I don't like -.- Cause he's giving Japan a bad image. What did he do? Don't ask.

This guy showed his boob =A= I should say her? @_@

Well. after the show, we went to the stall filled street outside out hotel. So many food and stuffs.

 Giant prawns @_@

McDonald XD Samurai Pork Burger :3 Unavailable in Malaysia =w= Not bad actually.

Well, I left out some photos and details cause I've forgotten it @_@ I mean, the place, time..etc etc~

Anyway, ending this post now XD Oh yea, to see what I bought at Thailand, visit here:



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