Monday, July 11, 2011

Country ♥

Sekinchan. Went there to see paddy field, but went at the wrong time of year. Paddy were harvested -.- So just wander around and then we found a fishing village.

Then we wander more. And found a kind of abandoned jetty, the wood were rotting away.

 I wanna climb up and take pictures, but since it's rotting, I'm not risking it :P

At another corner, there's a..platform?? =w=

 The sea ♥ 

After that went for seafood with river view :3 The food is just so-so~

Lol. And at night, go for a 45 minutes boat ride to see firefly :D
It's not like what I expected, in a big swarm..Instead, it's just like Christmas decoration light around the trees beside the river. Still, it's an experience :)

Lol. My outfit is like..Girl next door? XDD


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