Sunday, July 17, 2011

Putrajaya and UPM school trip.

Last Tuesday, went to UPM and Putrajaya with my Sains Pertanian (Farming Science) peeps.  Had a blast of fun.

At UPM, we learn how to create clone for plants.

 Cut a part.

 Wrap plastic.

 Take a ball of..soil??

Wrap around it and wrap with the plastic =w=

 Chii had difficulty XD

Then we use another method xD

 Meh =w= Din't understand this  method..So no explaination xD

 Took some photos here xD I feel those er..root? very pretty :)


Well, at Putrajaya, that's the fun part.
First, we're taking photos at random garden. Oh yea, the garden is for temporary only..It's a floral event which ends today :(

 We rock!

 Me and Chii signature pose xD

 Haha Fabian's face XD

 We're er...idk who XD

 Scolding Baby Crystal xD

 2 babies xD

Keep lol-ing at Xavier XDD (green shirt dude)

After that, we saw some bouncy castle...And what else? Of course we run there, got in, and scare those kids out by our craziness XDD

Spot the poor kid outside? xD

After that, walked past a booth that teach us how to make recycle paper xD

Messing and wasting time xD
Then, went for paddle boats :3

XD And after riding it, the paddle boats stall owner gave us balloons :3 
Yeah. After that went home ^^

My balloon is the only one that survive from Kar Hao's penknife XD It's still in my room :3
Haha. Bye~!


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  1. CHII-CHAN KAWAIIIIIII~~~~~~~ <3<3<3<3<3<3 -shot-