Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Shopping ♥

Ahhhh I'm turning more girly as I grow >_<"

Mum bought me an AWESOME cosmetic box for me a few days ago, and let me tell you, the price is expensive for me @_@ RM100++
She came back from work, beckoned me to go into her room, and I saw this:

 >w<~!! Yay for animal print!


XD Okay back to topic, mini shopping :3
These few days keep browsing makeup tutorials on youtube~ And look at those beauty blogs 0w0
So I have a 'I wanna do a tutorial' 'I wanna buy cosmetic' etc etc feelings =w=

Today after dinner, went to Jusco Mahkota, planning to buy eyelash glue at Moregirl because of its shopwide 50% sale. And know what, ended up not buying the eyelash glue at all bacause it does not have the type I want -.-

I bought ALOT of other stuffs =w= (Which I did not plan to get at all)

-cover eyes-

Eyelashes! xD It only cost rm0.80 each after discount =A=


Some hair products :3 And yeah, I couldn't ignore the animal print hair tie orz...Got two packs ><

Some bra straps~ And again, I can't ignore the animal print orz

And a small purse!! >w
I love this kind of print too ^^ I have this type of print school bag, T-shirt, pencil case XD

After that, go to MR.D.I.Y shop~ Just to browse around =w=
But of course, it had to end up me buying things orz
 Completely cuteeee fake nails that I bought for don't know what XD

 Love this design~ My sis pick it out, and I stole from her XD

Sock~!!! And pffftttt animal print again orz

 Short socks :3


And yeah~ Bought this socks just in case I have Christmas photoshoot :3 And it's lolita like XDD
Okay, in other words, I have completely no use for it except special events =w=

Haha XD You know, I have 3 eyelash glue now =w=
And why did I want to buy another one the first place??

My first eyelash glue is almost finished~ T_T I love that glue T_T

My second one is too liquid ><" Don't like~!

And the third one is completely useless. Just bought it yesterday. 
Rm7 wasted.

And yeah, colorful bobby pins XD Also bought yesterday hehe~~

Okay, nothing more to blog bout =w= Except that I doubt I'll pass my Grade 5 piano exam next week OTL
I'm gonna slave away at the piano this whole week >


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  1. wow all that stuff looks so fun ^_^ i love the makeup bag too :o i love animal print xD heheh
    and those socks are cute!!
    and the bobby pins xD i have a small obsession with colored bobby pns cuz of my dark hair, i think they can be so cute :D i mix the colors and make an x with them :3