Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meh =w=

ZzZzzZ.... Got sick =.= It's after the N3 test..Sigh..I'm so tired that time -.-
Well, I woke up at 7am, then go down to Tesco Extra Maluri to help mum with the charity sale.

Gahh I hate my hair right now =A=

Setting up the booth~~~

We're still setting up lol and customer came =A= Busy that time~~~
Serve serve serve, ahhh so hot, bought some ice =w=

Mango <3

lol~ Anyway, helped mum till 12pm, then she fetch me to Miharja LRT station...
First time taking train alone XD

And well...exam =w=
It start on 2pm..First part, kanji. I died there.

1 hour later, grammar and reading...
Okay la =w=
But the reading, the last essay, I din't read it..That time I'm so tired and sleepy..Around 4.30pm I think..I just read the questions, glanced at the essay, and...TEMBAK 8D
But seriously..I tak boleh tahan OTL So damn dizzy, and headache too =A=

Listening part, better..Cause I snoozed after the grammar and reading..
But N3 listening so fast, missed some Q_Q


Hopefully I'll pass =w=

And the day after that, skip school =w=
My head feel so heavy =w=
At home...Sleep sleep sleep, and drink water till I phobia =A= Keep going to the toilet zzz...

Tuesday, also skipped school -w-
Just spend the day in my bed, listening to mp4 and also reading novels :3

XDD So-po~~~~


* Tomorrow no school again cause hari sukan 8D

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