Monday, July 18, 2011

Bon Odori 2011

Bon Odori 2011. One experience I will not forget.
Our school Japanese Club organised for this trip, and I help too.
And I feel..I don't know..I don't know whether it's a success or failure, and all I know is that I'm proud to be able to handle it..Of course, there are many downs too..

For example, being late, people backing out last minute, and there are many people that want to go..Unfortunately, it's so last minute, all the form, details, etc etc were passed up.. :(
Those that can't go, sorry..There'll still be next year.

So, went to Sensei's hourse first to wear Yukata. @A@
Took 30 minutes..
Got to school, wait for the extremely bus =_= Another down..

 Me and Pinky :)

So, at Bon Odori, met Kappy at the entrance 8D
Took pictures together ^^V

=w= I'm the one at the right..

Then we wander around, suddenly, people come take pictures =w= 
Me and Chii pose, and a photographer tech us how to pose XDDD
But meh, I have to say, all the limelight is at Chii xD
I'm just er...Nobody =w="

After that, wanders around, bought ice-cream =//w//=
And tried to meet Calvin lol xD
So hard to meet people =_=

And then met Kappy again lol..Took picture again together XD

Finally met him, took some pictures, then it's time for the dance~!


Why am I so freaking short TT^TT

Then er..Bought ice-cream again xD
And because I'm eating, I sit alone and wait for the others to finish dancing the 2nd part..
And look after their belongings~~
So boring that time =w=

Well..Then there's the 2rd part of dance, and after that, went home..And we're late again..Supposed to reach school by 10pm, but reached around 10.45pm -.-"
Swt..My fault OTL

My obi's out of place =A=

Hmm..Next year..Not planning to do a trip for Japanese Club again..I mean, not Bon Odori la..Maybe other places..We'll see~~

Well, bye bye~!



  1. Very short meh?! Aiyo... =A=?!?!?!?

  2. dont worry joee short can be cute :D it is very cute with you ^_^ i'm glad you like my hair and my boy persona xD
    i really love your kimono! i always want a dress like that for myself ^_^ but being non-asian i have been too scared to find one =w= heheheh

  3. also, will you like my blog's FB page? :D