Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh Birdy Birdy~


This happened a LONG time ago. ._. Yeah, went to KL Bird Park.


1st thing I saw when we went in.

Peacock :D


Nerdy me xD

A beauty :D

Lol, poor owl~ There were some bastards trying to wake this poor thing by knocking and banging on the cage >:(

Nerd XD

Ostrich :D

Haha..When I jumped down, I 'po-kai' ._.

Slow shutter speed.

Fast shutter speed

Lol a bunch of idiots.

Act cool xD

Peacock :D

WARNING!!  Idiots conquering the screen now!




xD I threw Kuih Bahulu on the table that's why the birds came xD

A beauty :)


Another beauty :]

Starting to rain when we're planning to go home. Have to be stuck in a pondok for around 20 minutes. -.-

To be honest, there's still TONS of picture -.- But since the stupid uploader is so damn SLOW, I guess these would do.

鳥が好き! :D

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