Saturday, September 11, 2010

Broga Hill! 

LOL! I've forgotten about this post -.-............Went to Broga with bro and his friends...Brought Cui Li too..Yik Jia was supposed to go too but tak jadi -.-

Hahahah while going up the hill Cui Li like want to pengsan only! Hahahhaha XD
Anyway, forget that,  PICTURES!

Going up:

Lol...Other time busy hiking, no more pictures going up. Instead, pictures of up there :D



 Haha stupid bro.

When I saw the mountain, I was like, *faint*

I love heights!

Ray of light~

Going down..

Trip down damn tired...

Oh by the way, love this picture :D

Edit to...

Brighter contrast, then to...

My blog header! <3 


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