Monday, September 6, 2010

B.B.Q Madness

Hey~ Lol this happened on 7 August. Bro's birthday is on 8 August, but we celebrated early. Lol 8 August is conquering my mind. In BM karangan, there's something about Merdeka. I wrote Malaysia Merdeka on 8 of August -.-...Pn Shakiroh must be laughing like hell == Ok, back to BBQ Madness.

Well, in the early afternoon, my sister and cousin were cutting limes for preparation while I'm stuck doing stupid BM corrections -.-

Also cutting aluminium foil for the sotong.

After awhile, we began taking things to Cypress Condo.
p.s: I live at Scot Pine

A lot right?

Well, after that stay at home waiting for 4pm to come. That's when Cui Li and Hoi Yee come and then we'll go over to cypress to swim! :D 

Oh yea btw all the guys put aeroplane except Steven and Tian Jin. Lol anyway I pitied them cause it's BORING for them. Thanks to all the other guys that din't come lol.

Anyway, when the girls reached, we went swimming :D

Haha they camwhore first.

Me teaching ah cui to swim xD


Look ay my elephant leg T_T

I look ugly without glasses -.-

Without glasses my eyes can't be seen -.-

Me lc-ing xD

Nerdy Mama and Big Baby XD

:D I tried to make my eyes go large._.

Haha. After we swam, we hang around the playground waiting for the fire.


Food! :D

Well, the party started!!!!!

Everyone berebut at the fire LOL

Wanna eat? xD

My family.

Spot my bro's peace? Haha idiot.


She came too :)

==..Stop avoiding the camera la.

Playboy -.-

This more geng LOL

Haha Nooby me xD

Lol they start whoring again.


xD Then I came up with this jumping photography idea. xD


Study the picture carefully. Saw a ghost? o.O

After awhile, cake.

Birthday Song.

After awhile they go home. Lol I had to help clean up. Paling kesian is my bro's friends also help hahahaha. 



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