Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teacher Jolene's Birthday

Ok, I'll admit it, Teacher Jolene birthday is on 28 July. Which is really LONG ago. ._. Whatever...I had to copy the pictures from Sofea, upload other post and.....*ran out of excuses*

Oh..Silly me...Who's teacher Jolene? Well, she's my tuition Science teacher! Really great teacher! :D

This happened unexpectedly..We were learning about those Corona, Photosphere, bla bla bla science when Sir Dev suddenly called us out to eat cake LOL. Oh yea, btw, before classes, Teacher Jolene gave me, Sofea, and Syaja RM50 to spend at KFC :D Wee~ I heart Teacher Jolene XD

Fuyoh. Leng Lui ar.

The cake. Really awesome Secret Recipe Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese Cake :D

Smaller kids.

Hmm..Tak jadi..All ladies too short..

Haha..Better xD

Lol teacher loved the sugar baby doll, she couldn't bear to eat it XD

Aiyo. Both picture I looking at other camera -.-



Lame xD Nothing to write~!

すごくの遅く ’お誕生日おめでとう’ ね!

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