Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why I didn't update much (or bullshit)

Haven't been updating for quite a while, and I'm too lazy to do one of my 'updates' post lol.

I guess the reason why is because I've been quite busy lately, or at least I think I am?
And I guess it's just that I don't know if I care that much about stuff anymore.
I used to keep updating because I used to love reading my blog again, it refresh my memories, and I use my blog to keep track of what happened in my life.

Now...I don't know.
I don't see the point of it much.
Maybe it hurts to read back sometimes. 
Or maybe I was convincing myself that I have a 'happening' life.
Lol. Bullshit to all of those, whatever it was.

For the past days/week (whatever, can't really remember when) I think I feel a lot better about myself than I've ever felt. I think it's finally safe to say that I finally don't care anymore, don't give a damn.
I'm me, and I'm awesome. Hahahahhaa.

Anyway, this blog won't die though.
I enjoy writing, and I only write here mostly.
I will still use this blog to keep track of my life, even though I said it was bullshit.
I guess the reason behind me wanting to keep track of my life is different now. :)

Nowadays I've fallen in love with photography.
I'm starting to view things differently, every small little thing will mean something to me, and I see beauty in different things I used to see.
I'm starting to feel serenity, and solitude is no longer a thing I'm afraid of.

Photography somehow creates serenity and solitude for me, they mask the noisy bustling real world I'm in.
I guess you could say I'm being delusional, but it works to keep me calm and happy.

Lol what am I writing anyway.
I'll come back again with more updates when I have more free time. 

Meanwhile, I'll deal with my band performance as a sessionist, assignments, finals, and random errands that have to be done.

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