Sunday, April 13, 2014

A short story of a lost dog that came into my life.

Day 1 (6th April)

"Joee? Wake up, there's a dog lost at the basement, a group of UTAR students and Kyee is there as well. Can you go down and see what you can do? Kyee and I was thinking of taking him up and tying him in front near the staircase temporarily."

I woke up to my mom saying this on 6th April, Sunday.
I was blur, not really sure what is actually happening, and I want my sleep.
Reluctantly, I agreed to go down to the basement to see what I can do.

This dog, that ruined my lovely sleep, greeted me when I got to the basement.
He looks quite alike to Baby, my female poodle mix shih tzu.

Baby, when she was shaved bald.

He's very friendly, and somehow he knows that we're gonna help him. He followed my sister and me, and is very obedient.
We brought him up and tied him outside beside the staircase. I can't let him inside cause Baby's leg is dislocated. I was afraid that Baby would run and jump in excitement and hurt herself more.
But then, we realized that it's not a good idea.
He's restless being tied up outside even though the leash is long enough for him to walk about.
He wanted to come in, and he started crying, which made my dogs restless as well.
After about 30 minutes, we can't take it anymore.

Mom called a lady that was there when she found the dog and asked whether the dog could stay in her place for the day. The lady have never taken care of a dog before, and she is quite worried but in the end she took him in.

It wasn't easy, she keep calling and texting telling us that the dog will not stop crying, and asking us general stuff about when will the dog poo/pee, and eat.
It resulted in mom worrying even more and getting restless as well.
At this point, I didn't pay much attention towards this case since I wasn't the one that suggested we keep the dog. I didn't think much about the dog, it has a temporary home, it has food and drinks. He'll be okay.

Day 2

On the second day, the lady can't take it anymore and pass the dog back to us.

Mom and I brought the dog out around the area, asking around if anyone has seen the dog before.
We went to petshops, and we pasted flyers around the area.
It is a good thing the dog is obedient, and just follow us wherever we went without kicking a fuss.
After pasting all the flyers and asking all the petshops in our area whether have they seen this dog before, we went back home.
The dog is tied beside the staircase again.

As before, the dog would not stop crying. My dogs got restless again.
Our neighbor complained, and I know that it is not right to tie the dog outside since it is a shared premise with the neighbor. At this point I was feeling worried as what will happen to the dog.
I was a bit annoyed even, that the dog should have just wandered to us just like that.
I know it wasn't fair to think that way, the dog couldn't help it.
So even with mixed feeling, I couldn't just leave the dog outside alone. He was loved once, and he did nothing wrong.

When night reaches and no one else is willing to foster the dog, I reluctantly suggest that I bring him over to USJ where I'm renting a condo with my classmates. Luckily that condo allows dog, unlike our condo. (Yes I still keep dogs in my condo though, since a lot of people do so and my dogs aren't that noisy.)
And luckily my housemates were okay with having that dog for a while.
I felt a bit annoyed though, that I have to take care of another dog. That this responsibility is passed down to me. During the car ride to USJ, I guess I was a bit quiet. I let Kyee handle the dog until we got there. When we arrived, the dog seems very excited. He ran around the house, sniffing every corner. Maybe he was abandoned once, and he's happy that he thought he found a home again.

That night, the dog seems to have settled down. He flopped down in front of me when I was sitting outside on the living room and lay on his side, showing his belly to me, wanting me to rub his belly.

I just stared at him at first, not wanting to pay much attention to him.
But then, looking at his warm brown eyes, I realized he must be feeling lost and alone, and he wants companion.

My heart warmed towards him a bit, and after a while he fell asleep beside me.

When it was time for bed, I left him and went inside my room, shutting my door.
He woke up, came towards my room and sniffed between the crack the floor and the door made, and sat down waiting for me to come out again.
When he realized I won't, he started howling and scraping the door down. That went on for 2 hours before he finally fell asleep. It was already 2am by then.
At 5.55am, he woke up and started crying again, waking me up.
I was frustrated, I knew he would wake up my housemates if I didn't let him in. 
So I let him in, at the same time cursing at I don't know what just the release my frustration of being woken up in the middle of the night. (or early morning in this case)
I was thinking he would not settle down and keep me awake the whole time.

To my surprise, he settled down beside my feet, curling up to sleep contently.
I left him and turned on my side, giving a displeased grunt.
I'm not sure why I felt that way though.
I love animals very much, I used to always welcome them with open arms and will love them unconditionally. I wonder what have got to me.

Day 3

It was a school day. I have classes starting at 9.30am, and I normally wake up around 9.00am since my college is very near.
Today, I have to wake up half an hour earlier to bring the dog for a walk and let him do his business.
When my alarm rang, I woke up to the dog sniffing at my face and using his paw to scrape at my hands.

I stared at him for a while, and then I gave him a pat on the head.
He immediately flopped down beside me, tail wagging and looking at me from his brown eyes begging for a belly rub. I oblige to him. Guess this old boy here has warmed my heart by being sweet. 

I brought him for a walk and then left him at home to go to class.
When I shut the door after I got out, he proceed to cry and scratch the door again.
"Your dog will scratch the door down" My housemate said to me.
"He's not my dog." I replied. At this point, I realized.
The reason why my feelings about the dog is so reluctant is because I was afraid of being attached to him. I guess I do not want the sadness of being seperated from a dog I love anymore. I was seperated from so many dogs before.

I still remember there's this stray I picked up, her name was Bobo. I was only 10 that time, but I loved that dog dearly. My mom does not agree to letting me keep Bobo, and she kept nagging at me about Bobo. In the end, I agreed to bring Bobo to SPCA. After finding out that SPCA will put her to sleep if no one adopt her within a week, we set Bobo free at a housing area instead.

I cried so much after that, it lasted for around 2 weeks.
I sulked, and refuse to eat. I would have these sudden tantrums and refuse to come out from the room, or just bury myself under my blanket and refused to come out.
Looking back, I guess I'm surprised. Kids do have feelings after all.
And boy, did I make my mom regret what she have done. My mom regret it so much that she agreed to get me a puppy of my own. I still remember crying and saying "I don't want any other dogs. I only want Bobo."

Damn. I'm getting teary just by remembering this.
Anyway, moving on.

After I realized I was afraid of the hurt again, I told myself it's okay.
I have my dogs, Miko and Baby. And it's okay to give the old boy some love and lessen his sadness at losing his owner. It's not the same trauma I went through if he's reunited with his owner or found an adopter that will love him.

I started calling the dog Boy Boy and paying attention to him.
I bath Boy Boy because he stank, and allow him to stay close to me on my mattress.

As a result he keep asking for attention, and I couldn't really focus on my laptop.
In the end, when he got tired, he slept. 

He sleeps a lot. Guess he is quite old and gets tired easily.
But then, the way he jumps around in excitement when he wants a walk doesn't show that he is old at all.

At night, he sleeps at my feet again.

Day 4

No class on this day, yay!
Woke up around 10am, and morning routine went on as usual. In the afternoon, I went out to ice-skate. When I left the house this time, Boy Boy didn't cry as much. Maybe he figured that I will come back and not leave him alone.

Spent the whole day outside, and did not get back home until around 11pm. To my surprise, Boy Boy have not made any mess inside the house at all.
He must be toilet trained.
Brought him down for a short walk and the go to bed after that.

Day 5

Day 5 is actually the last day I spent with Boy Boy. Mom found him a fosterer, and adopter if his owner does not claim him back.
I was happy to hear this news.

We spent the afternoon lazing in my room, then at night, we sent Boy Boy to the fosterer on the way back to my home in Sungai Long.

Goodbye, Boy Boy. I'm glad you found a home! :)
You were actually a joy to have around.
I hope that you're being showered with love now.

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