Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Box Sale 2014

So....The evil wolf decided to come out with this sale after I spent more than RM150 on their previous sales, The Big Bad Wolf 2013 and Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale.

In case you have no idea what is this Box Sale about, here:

Picture taken from Big Bad Wolf Books

You buy the box, and stuff as much books as you can into it, but the two flaps at the top have to touch each other before you seal it and checkout.

I didn't plan to go to this sale at first, unless I got my BB1M book voucher which I can use there.
But then, mom and sis wanted to go, how could I resist? lol
And I was kinda paranoid that by the time I got my books voucher there will be very few choice left for me.

We got box B, since for only RM20 more you get a much bigger space. (The space which you can stuff at least RM50 or more worth of books)

After I got the box, the book hunting began!!!
It was freaking fun to grab whatever I want without worrying about how much will the bill add up to, and omg the feeling of grabbing anything without looking at the price tag...Heavenly. *deep sigh*
Seriously, you all should give it a go. It was freaking satisfying.

And to those of you that doubted if it will be worth it or not, trust me, it will.
I calculated the actual costs of the books we got if we bought it at the usual prices, it totaled up to RM291! oAo 
Well for me that's not really the point, it's the excitement of grabbing whatever you want and trying your best to fit it into the box, so fun lol.

Initially we got all these books, but then mom ask asked the sealer to wait a while as she get another book since there's some space left.

She return with this big book lol, and i was doubting whether it will fit or not.

It actually doesn't fit, the top flaps doesn't touch each other.
But then we gave it a bit of push hahahaha, then it touch lolol.
The sealer was like, ' dot dot' then he was like, 'Yeah it touches, ok let me seal it fast' and the part 'before it was forced apart again' was left hanging in the air xD

I've worked before at Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale 2013, and all the staff was very sporting :D
They have great staff every year xD

The picture may not show much, but that box contained 36 books.
23 which belonged to me :x


My new books <3 p="">

I alone have bought RM184 worth of books lol, if they're priced at RM8/book which is the usual price at the normal Big Bad Wolf Sale.

Lol this is not how we arranged the books, as you can see there is not much place left to stuff in 13 more books if it's arranged this way. Mom arranged by putting some books flat down, the smaller books stuffed in at the corner then laying more books flat down on top. I'm sure we could have stuffed in more books if we arranged it more nicely according to size, but there is no time to do that since the sale was closing up.

After the sale, my sister and I had the nightmare of carrying that box. 
It weighted 18kg. Freaking heavy.
Still, guess it was worth all the energy and sweat lolol.

I'm guessing some of you were wondering whether I will read all the books or not lol.
Answer is yes.

These are all the books I have read, from the BBW2013 and BBW Fireball Sale.

These are the ones I have yet to read

I've read 11 books the past 2 months lol. 
Oh wait, make it 12, I've finished yet another one hahaha.

Anyway, books lover out there, get you ass out to this box sales before it ends, the experience of just grabbing whatever books you see without having to look at the price tag is awesome :D

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