Monday, March 10, 2014

Doraemon Expo @ Viva Home Mall

Hey guys~

I visited the Doraemon 100 Secrect Gadget Expo yesterday :3
Initially I planned to visit it, but when I saw the ticket price I felt that it's over priced.
And indeed, it is. Even though RM25 may not be much to some people, to me it's quite a lot for this simle expo :/ So when Crystal asks me to go, I declined :x

But then a week before the Expo is due to end, my cousin brother asked me whether I want to go or not. Since I saw a chance to hang out with his son Lok Lok, I agreed :x
Okay that was partly haha. I love Doraemon very much as well, so I guess why not?



Okay I guess I'm turning into the crazy aunt hahahhaa.
But seriously, he's freaking cute and won't cry :3
Very fun to play with.
Even though during lunch he spilled ice cold water over me and wet my shorts, making me look like as if I peed on my shorts lmao. But that's okay, his cuteness make up for it. :3



Okay back to topic lmao.
Got to Viva Home and to our horror, it's FREAKING CROWDED.

Okay the queue doesn't really look crowded but there's a very long line :/
And inside the expo, it's so crowded that we have wait at least 10-15 minutes just to take a photo = =

Btw an OOTD first hahaha xD
Very simple casual lol.

My cousin's family at the entrance

Ghostly sis hahaha

I think we spent around 30 minutes just in this time machine space..
Were waiting for the crowd to clear to get pictures zzz
Next, it was just a very big space where there's Doraemon statues holding all his gadgets.
But in the beginning there's the yellow Doraemon, and it tells the story of how he turned blue.

Poor Doraemon ;w;

Well after that it's just those Doraemon with gadgets.
Shall only post a few pictures of those even though I took all 100.

I was kinda pissed actually due to all the human lol, which is kinda bad cause they didn't really do anything wrong hahhaha. I'm just fed up of waiting for humans to clear up and stop blocking my way.
I don't have the mood to get my picture taken cause everyone is doing the same lmao.
So I just be the photog hahah.


Then surprisingly there's this manga like area that is not that crowded.
So I took a picture :D

Original pages of the manga

Next, just random scene from Doraemon~

I love this ;w;

And omg Lok Lok so cuteeeeee

I guess that's all?
After that we headed out from the expo, and towards the cafe and  merchandise area.
There's a game area too, but it's so crowded I don't want to go there lol.

Hot chocolate and pancakes

Looks nice right?
But it tastes freaking awful.
Everything costs RM18.
I've never had to pas so much for such awful food before x___x
Portion was small as well.

The hot chocolate tasted nothing like hot chocolate, it has too much milk in it which I hate.
The pancake was not soft, and it's very dry.

As for the merchandise area, they have a lot of cute stuff, but horribly over priced.
They're charging around RM30 for a simple cap, RM25 for normal slippers, RM10 for a small cup and much more other stuff at high price as well.

If someone were to let me go again for free, I would decline lol.
Unless there is no other people there.

Wasn't worth my RM25 :/

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