Sunday, March 23, 2014

Performance at UTAR ACG2014!

Hello peeps~

My band The Crestfall was invited to perform in UTAR ACG2014 yesterday, but Minori made it an acoustic performance consisting with only me and her lol xD So it's more the girl trio from Crestfall haha, since we're the only females in the band lol.

Anyway, I performed at the same event last year, but it didn't go well at all..If you want to know what type of disaster I went through, you can read here haha. HERE HERE HERE

Well, this year is a whole lot better! :D
As usual, the committee is very friendly and helpful :)

This year, there's no technical problems for us, thank goodness for that, but they could do with a few monitor speakers, it was quite hard to hear ourselves :/
But still, I think we did okay!

I know I messed up a lot of time, since I only started practicing like a few days before the event lol..And I tried doing back up vocals the last minute, and uhhh some sounded awful? :x
Just hope Minori's voice is loud enough to cover it lol.

The crowd was awesome as well, we played a hit song, The Beginning by One Ok Rock as our first song, and they were singing along to it :D
But then, our second and last song were To The Moon by Laura Shigihara and Pledge by The Gazette, which almost none of them knows? lol.
Still, they were very supportive and cheered us on ;w;
Thank you so much!

Some pictures of us while waiting for performance:

Selfies xD


And some of us on stage lol

Derpy me lol

Photos by ACG Fiesta

Anyway, even though this was a very small event, it's fun! And oh, surprise, I met Swee there! :D
Totally didn't expect that at all, I was talking to Perogumi members beside the stage, then when I turned around, I saw Swee! I was like, oAo!

It was such a small event, didn't really expect to meet people I know lol.
Was glad I met Swee, he told me he'll be flying back to England soon, and won't be back anytime soon :/

Oh, and Asyraf was in the crowd cheering us on, though I didn't realize that at first.
I thought he looked familiar, but I wasn't sure if that's him @_@
And I was too stupid, wait correction, shy, to say hi *facepalm*
Not sure what's gotten over me :/

Well that's all I guess?
Tata xD


  1. Lol actually reading back about what we did last year was quite funny lololol, i can't stop laughing hahaha. This year was okay I guess~ I'm uploading the vid soon!! although the vid sounded seriously echo-ish haiz, but still can la, i'll just post hahaha.

    1. hahaha this year was wayyyy better xD