Sunday, February 2, 2014

Miscellaneous updates

One of those random updates that I like to do again haha.
Reason why I'm always doing these type of update is cause I'm lazy LOL.
Lazy to create separate posts, cause it'll have to be more detailed.
And I am lazy in snapping lots of photo and writing in details ahaha :3
But I guess it depends on my mood and occasion.

So, I was working on the weekends during the month of January.
Was working as Brand's Innershine SpokesPerson.
Or in other words, promoter lol.

I have to wear their uniform which is so not my style. Here's a picture lol:

Complete with a crown wtf.
And I have to wear shoes with heels T^T
Standing the whole day in a 2.5inch heels wasn't fun man.
By the end of the day my feet ache so bad. 
On the last day, it hurts so much I had to exchange shoes with a colleague during the last hour, it hurts so bad lol.

Me and Aziah :D

Lol I had to wear make-up for this job too. But then cause I'm lazy, I just applied foundation, concealer and a tiny bit of eyeliner.
I saw all the other workers, they all appear in full make-up, complete with mascara, blush, lip gloss, color contacts :x
Guess I really got to take my appearance more seriously, make an effort to look better.
Yearightjoeeasifyoureallymeanthat. Lol
But hmmm...would be fun to dress up sometimes :3

Anyway, didn't really enjoy this job. Those permanent promoters in Guardian Midvalley (where I was working) was mean, I could see that they always bully temporary workers there. Aziah got bullied at first as well lol, and some other promoters I be-friended.

Also, the supervisor I got is quite inexperienced I guess, so stuff is kinda hectic as well? But she's really nice though. Guess that made up for it.

So aside from my job, I finally found the chance to go shopping!!!! Omg the last time I really shopped was like a year ago? Anyway went to Kenanga Point with mom and sis.
There's a lot of clothes there, but they're kinda almost the same lol.
Still, they're really cheap.

Here's what I got:

Skull top!! Apparently I'm not over the punkish phase yet haha, though it's more subtle now.

Minty green chiffon blazer

Yellow chiffon top. Okay I'm too fat for this T_____T Look so tubby lol

Fox sweater!! haha I love it

An eagle sleeveless top, and that skirt

Bought a dress in the same print as the skirt lol. 
Also, a leather vest. It's cool xD

Well most of the stuff I bought is in black :x
As usual lol.
I wonder whether will I love other colors haha.

Anyway, bought a neon pink top the other day while I was at The Mines.

I love it, since it has shoulder holes haha. 
This isn't my usual fashion as well, and actually I didn't choose this. Mom chose it for me lol.
I love it though xD

I have so many clothes now, I can't wait to move to a new apartment in USJ so I could dump half of my clothes I have here to there. Right now my closet is almost bursting, and it's at the point whenever I open it a pile of clothes will tumble up. You need skills to open and close my closet hahahahahha.
But I guess a lot of the clothes inside don't really fit me anymore, I gained lots of weight fuck my life T_____T


Hmm aside from these, it's just random yumcha meet up with friends where I didn't bother taking pictures haha.

As for Chinese New Year, nothing much to blog about. On the Eve, we had Thailand food :D

Oppss not in the picture. Haha all the dishes have yet to come out, but I don't have a picture of all dishes. There was an extremely cute pup under the table getting my attention lol. It was an extremely big boned pup, I think it's a Great Dane.  I was playing with it haha. It keeps gnawing at me hand wwwww so cute, with it's baby teeth. I think it was around the size of an adult Bull Terrier, but I'm guessing that pup is around 3-4 months old.

It was so cuteeeee TwT Kinda look like a Pit Bull as well lol.
Too bad I can't get a picture :/

Anyway that dinner was quite good :3 Even though the tom yum soup is freaking spicy.
And I accidentally bit on a cili padi on the fried chicken which burnt my tongue awfully. Can't stop tearing for like 10 minutes and can't stop drinking water for like 15 minutes.
It hurts so bad. Lol.

As for the first day of Chinese New Year, had lunch in Subway LOL.
Then dinner at some restaurant in Connaught. No pictures, just the usual dinner we all have lol.

Well I guess that's it. This year's Chinese New Year is really boring, all my friends are in their hometown T_T
Will be going out for movie later tonight though haha.


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