Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Procrastinating, so here I am updating on stuff

I have my music studies exam tomorrow, and I haven't studied for it yet lol. You might be thinking why would I wanna study for it since I've been taking piano lessons for quite some time now.
Well, that does benefit me, but there is Music Law T_T Need to study that part lol.
I'll study after I blog :P

And I'm procrastinating from my Digital Imaging ASSignment as well =_=
I have to design a poster for my vector car, and I need to design the tittle as well fml.
Screw Typography. Okay a rant is starting lol.
Screw my lecturer, I don't like her T_T
She's like controlling all of our creativity, she rarely accepts any of our original idea.
What she'll do is ask us to google and choose an image (ONLY IF SHE LIKES THE IMAGE), then ask us to take the idea from there.


If the poster is in a certain color theme, we'll follow that.
We'll follow the font pattern as well, and the type of feel the poster gave.
Gahhh no idea how to really explain this meh :/
But basically I don't feel as if I'm designing anything, I'm just COPYING.

Okay enough rant, here's some update from a long time ago hahaha.

3rd February
I think this was the 4th day of Chinese New Year?
Anyway I went out for breakfast with Crystal and Xavier that day! :)
I think we woke at 7am and went out around 7.30am? Can't really remember lol.
I was kinda sleep deprived, since I went out for late night movie on the 2nd, and slept around 3.30am lol. We went to McDonald's for breakfast! :)

Look at all the sugars we had hahaha

We just chill over our breakie and chat basically haha.

Later on in the evening, Ah Ping came over, and we brought our dogs out for walks in Mahkota.

Kiko! Ah Ping's dog

Lol my sis~ Attempting a motion shoot.

My Baby!!

Miko :3

My darlings <3 p="">
Random portrait of me haha

<3 p="">

It's nice to be outdoor :)

4th February
Had lunch with Aki at Padi House Mahkota Cheras! :D

We ordered pasta :3

 Beef chilli spaghetti and lemon water

Hahahhaa I ordered exactly the same thing I had the last time I was there xD
I love this pasta too much to order something else .w.
And lemon water cause the other drinks are too expensive, and I love lemon :3

After that we derped around in Jusco Cheras Selatan cause I need to fetch sis home from there.
Just walked aroud aimlessly haha.
After that, Aki came back home with me since we're going to Sing Yee's open house in the evening.
No picture from the open house, sad T^T
But I had my first game of poker there this year wwwwww.
And I had good luck winning weeeeeeeee!

6th February
Was a normal college day, but the my friends suddenly decided to visit me in USJ lolol.
Brought them to Burgertory in ss15 to try.
I've actually never tried it before haha.

My burger set!

It's a pork burger with pork lards.
The set comes with free flow drinks, and awesome awesome fries! Loved it. It comes with a cheese dipping sauce too.
The burger may look small here, but omg it was quite big and very filling! 
One of the nicest burger I've ever eaten TwT
But everything costs me RM18 :x

Random selfie hehe

7th February
Another college day as well. 
But after class, I rushed back to Sungai Long to attend Jien Hao's birthday party.
Was stuck in the traffic for 2 hours OTL

Members of 5 Kreatif! :D

All high school friends haha.
There is no such time as high school anymore, maybe it's cause I mixed with a bunch of sohais back then xD
But college is awesome fun too! :D (okay apparently not all my high school friend agree lol, they complains about college a lot :x)
Well we played poker game, and it was fun! A huge group is playing, and it was damn fun laughing at people haha. But I guess my luck wasn't great that day, I keep losing T___T Oh well.
Had to leave around 10.30pm cause have to rush down to Ah Ping's house to celebrate a Hokien celebration. "Bai Tin Gong."

Releasing the lantern into the air :) 

Sis playing with fireworks haha

Oh, and I had fun playing with cutie Lok lok >w<
My cousin's son. My cousin once removed, according to google lolol.

So cuteeeeeeeeeee

To him I guess I'm like the crazy auntie hahahaha

8th February
On the 8th, went out to KL with Oliver and Emad.
Attempted to finish up our Digital Imaging photography assignment, but it didn't really work out lol.
The pictures we have didn't turn out nice.

Random snaps around

More random snaps hahaa

We walked from Bukit Bintang to KLCC lol.
Anyway, we just kinda wasted out time there lol xD
But oh well, I had Auntie Anne's pretzel wwww, and tutti fruitti!!
I remember I used to dislike it, but I found out certain flavors tastes awesome!
And you have to eat it cold and fresh, even waiting after 30 minutes, it'll taste too milky for my liking lol.

Anyway on the way back, I was sitting beside the window in the KTM.
Then I suddenly realized I could make nice motion shoots.

I was lucky I had a pen with me hahaha, and the paper is actually a bank slip from my purse hahahhaa xD
Oh well it may look like cliche, but whatever, it was easy to shoot and my lecturer accepts it :3

Then i had the chance to shoot this, but the photo is a bit blur and over exposed T_T
I didn't really have time to set the camera, since I was feeling so awkward shooting something like this. :x

My OOTD haha

I guess some of you noticed that I always had a bracelet on my wrist?
Lol I don't know why but I like to see and feel something there, plus a simple accessory like that can touch up any outfit to look nicer xD (or in my case, cooler haha)

10th February
Another college day, but Calvin and Yukino came to the studio for recording! :D
It was fun hanging with them wwww

Calvin set up quite a lot of external light haha, and it looks awesome!

Selfie while waiting for them lol

Selfie with Yukino while waiting for Calvin pack his stuff into the car xD

After the recording, we went to Subang Parade for dinner.
Had Nando's for the first time, it was nice! :D
Calvin treated us omg. So nice of him :)

Anyway, I'm supposed to be back in court 10 at 7.15pm to view an apartment, but oh god I forgot the time cause I was chatting away with them.
Ended up being at court 10 around 8pm.
Stephy had to step and view the apartment for me instead, with Emad and Oliver.
The owner was really nice though, he said it's okay and I could view it when I got back.
So around 8.15pm I went to view the apartment haha.
Oh, I'm viewing apartment cause planing to move out with Oliver and Emad.
We viewed some other apartments as well, but ended up getting this one :) (more on that next time)

Well I guess that's all? Can't remember what else I did =_=
Remembered that I went out quite a lot lol, but since I have no picture I can't really remember when.

Ohh, last Saturday (15th February) went to The Mines for Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale!!! :D
Bought 12 books, total costed me RM60 hahaha.
Went with sis, then meet up with Bryan and his girlfriend there~
We had dinner in Sakae Sushi, and Bryan belanja :P

The place I parked my car that day hahahahaha

Took a picture cause I'll probably forget where I parked my car.
Fetched Bryan and his gf to the KTM after that as well, and Bryan said my driving not bad lol.
His expectation towards my driving so low huh?
Considering all guys that have experienced driving before said I drive like some mad women lol.
(they're probably exaggerating LOL. Right? ._. )

Got this from piano teacher. Felt like a kid xD

And all these facial products from uncle on his trip to Korea :)

Okay I guess that really is all. 
Have to stop procrastinating now and STUDY .___.

Will update more soon.

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