Saturday, February 22, 2014

Losing my words

I feel like I have so many things to say, but somehow I can't find my words.
I can't express myself.

All these feelings, the mixture or missing something, wanting something, nostalgia, etc.
I can't explain it, it's just like a jumble of thread all around me.
If only I could find my words and know exactly what I want and what I'm feeling.

To be honest I'm missing the me from the middle of 2012 till early 2013 a lot.
Whenever I see the pictures of me still having long hair, I can't explain the feeling that I have. It feels weird, like part of me is dead. Wtf. Does that even make sense? It's actually not about my hair, it was the me during the period of time when I had the hairstyle.
It's already been a year though, somehow I still feel this way.
Is that really what I feel, or is it just my mind?
Guess the effect of me feeling like a new me after I chopped off my hair doesn't last.
The feelings are haunting me again.

I guess anyhow, that period of time will always be held on tight by me.
Guess letting go is quite impossible. Might as well accept it and be glad whatever happened.

Wow. What a weird post.

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