Saturday, April 28, 2012

Luka Costest :3

Costested Luka today wwwww

I did not plan to lol, but after trying out the Lens which arrived today, I can't resist xD
Been months since I messed around with makeup and cosplay ( I think, felt awfully long)

The lens is awesomely blue :D
Though I look kinda souless :/

Without makeup

After makeup =w=

Lol then I changed into the costumes and put on the wig :3
Was sweating like shit lol, cause the costume made from PVC :S

And then I realized...My hand is out of propotion from my body ahhhh T_T
How to make my arm smallerr Q.Q

Ignore the messy room =w=

Anyway my look changed ALOT lol.
Fake :P

Close up:

haha felt awesome cos testing again www
But lol removing makeup is no fun at all =,=

Still, me likey <3


  1. yeah after makeup i always look older =w= awww thx aeri >w< hug~