Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chicken Dissection

Again, a late post ahaha =w=

Taking Sains Pertanian (Agriculture Science), I have to dissect chicken lol.
Nothing much to say, just pictures...

 Teacher explaining the procedure

 Getting ready 

And begin!

Actually it was quite disgusting? I dunno lol. That time I feel nothing but looking back at these pictures, it was er...weird @_@

 Arranging the organs =w=


Thats Xavier at the back lol. Holding the chicken's head =.=

Lol okay this is actually quite disgusting @_@

After that...we barbequed the chicken XD hahah was DELICIOUS LOL.

Oh yeah. I jokingly told Kar Hao to dig out the chicken eyeballs, and guess what? He did =.=

I was like, ewwwwwwwwww but then I keep looking at it XD

After that he dug out the brain too @_@

Lol okay thats it XD
Nothing more to say :3

haha hope you will still eat chicken?

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