Saturday, April 28, 2012

LATE LATE LATE update on Jessie J's concert

Wow. I finally update this poor old abandoned blog after almost 2 months =w=

I've been quite lazy busy, that's why I seldom update, because photos are in my phone, I can't be bothered to transfer it lol. But today I finally sat down, and copy those pityful old photos. I had to sort them out, there are HUNDREDS of photos, took me 2 hours to filter everything and sort everything nicely @_@

So, I know that this concert is ages ago, but oh well...Just wanted to upload those photos I took someplace =w= In the blog it is then~

The concert was in 16th March (if I'm not mistaken) and guess what, I got FREE TICKETS! XD
Le Tzen won them in a contest, and I got one too 8D

We got Tune Talk Zone, ( the best one 8D ), it was an awesome day XD

Le Tzen dad fetched me around 4pm~
Wore my pink bling bling sneaker XD

Lol just randomly snapping xD


We had to line up from 6pm till 8pm =n=

 We were lucky we're early lol. We're at the front :3

Because I felt like raining, we bought cheap plastic raincoats lol.
But ended up not using =w= Nvm, as souvenier XD

 Le Tzen trying to roll back my raincoat XD

After waiting for what felt like forever we're finally allowed inside~
Le Tzen and I ran XD When we got there we got quite a good place too :D It was free standing lol, and the stage is quite near :3

Haha phone camera =w= No nice photos -sobs-

Anyway, it was an awesome concert :D

Then when the concert finish we went to KFC to wait for Le Tzen's dad. Had to wait till around 12.30am o.O First being out till so late with a friend XD


Drinking our Krusher lol. Was dying from thirst XD No water allowed inside :/ Had to buy, but were not smart enough to buy OTL

So overall awesome experience :3 Oh yeah this is my first concert too XP
Hahahah awesome night :3

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