Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodbye, and R.I.P

Eventhough we're not good friends, eventhough we hardly talk except 'hi', I miss you. You've influenced me a lot. If I'm not mistaken, you've commented on my depressing blog post before, giving me motivation. I can't find that comment now :(

Also, you've comment on my picture before, saying I'm emo lol. Well, in a way, I am, but seeing your comment make me wanna be more cheerful :)

Thank you for everything and rest in peace. Miss you and be sure to be happy just as you are on the other side :)

Love, Joee.

Miss your sampat face liao =')



  1. i'm sorry about your friend :( i hope you feel better soon...she will be waching you, and still giving you motivation from up in the sky :)

  2. Thanks aeri :) Yes, I know that she will be up there watching all of us and giving us motivation :')