Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

A happy belated to my BeeFee, Asberry :D

I'm a terrible artist >< Hopefully she'll like it >-<

Berry or Aeri, (I'm confused what to call her lol) has been following my blog for don't know how long lol. I just saw her name on my follower list not too long ago lol. I also found out she's Rabbito mutual friend :)

I followed her blog back, and well, somehow we become beefee :) She's a nice, creative girl :D
She also takes beautiful pictures :] I love her photography :) Wish I could take a picture with her :)

and oh, she's the first US friend I have xD I'm so gonna fly to US and meet her one day :D Wait for me Berry! xD

お誕生日おめでっとう、ブレリちゃん! >w<


  1. you take pretty pictures too ^_^ i <3 you beefee and thank you for the birthday wish!!

  2. aww that's a nice thing!!! you're so nice!