Thursday, February 17, 2011

Form 4 life?


All the teachers from form 3 said, 'Form 4 ialah honeymoon year'. Cikgu, why lie?!

I have Biology, Chemist, Physic and Science Pertanian to study.

Read read read.
Memorize memorize memorize.


How am I supposed to catch up with my damn lazy attitude? Haha. Time to change and study Joee -.-"
You surely don't want an E in your report card.

But on the other hand, how can I really concentrate when I have some oh so crazy classmates?
We skip classes, ignores homework, and drives the teacher crazy with our voices haha.

Today, during Bahasa Melayu period, we played truth or dare. It was Crystal's idea. We hate the teacher, so Crystal, Chinatsu and me just talk at the back, ignoring the teacher. Then, she suddenly suggest truth or dare. Chinatsu and I agreed. Then we asked our useless great monitor to join :D

Eventually, the number of people playing increased lol. You get the idea. Then, the teacher had to go out to some meeting. Haha. We cheered LOL. But that's a stupid mistake, as the teacher heard and came back to give us some scolding, but meh. Who cares haha. We continue our game lol.

Haha. This is the most epic truth or dare I've ever played LOL.

There's BL and GL scene, plain stupid scene, and normal shy shy scene lol. Haha. I don't feel like naming it in the public lol. But I'll give one example. Someone was dared to lick the belt on someone's pant. Both are guys. You could guess what us girls are like, 'OMG!!! KYAAAAAA!!!!!!!' Haha.

I just wish that there will be another more epic time LOL.


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