Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lol...This post is for my friends xD I want to sell them my clothes =w=

Hoi Yee, Yik Jia, Cui Li, Pei Chee, Chee Ying, Aki, Chi, want buy ma????

All of them onli RM15!! But got 2 special price de...Scroll down and keep reading~

Ok, they're second hand, but no one wear them before~ Except me that model for u lo XD
My mum, she bought a lot of clothes but she never wear them before -.-" All keep in her closet, gathering habuk -.-...So, on saturday, she kemas lo~ She give me alot, I want some of these too but she say I have too  many jor T^T Also, some is I don't really like or look awful in it~

Lol..ok, ok, pictures~

Ignore my ugly and sampat sampat face ar XD Also, if look ugly, ignore cause my fatty body look damn ugly in it ><


 I like this one, but mum ask me sell T^T woooo~~ don buy, then it'll be mine XD

ahhahaah sampat-ing XD

The one got pattern de rm20. Bought at rm25 ar~ But I dun like, sell to u guys lo~ Pink de rm15. 


Close up. Nice ar~ But too sexy for me -.-


Also, this one!!!! RM20!!!!!

Not for sale XDDDDDDDDDD


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