Sunday, July 4, 2010

A walk with my Dogs

Yeah. Typical. Random.

At around 5.15pm today, went out for a walk with the dogs since the weather is so cool and nice. Miko and Baby were hyperactive and keep yelling. Out of the door, and WHOOOSSSSHHH. They were dragging me.
Anyway, in the car, have to wind down the windscreen for them. Typical. Dogs.


Loving it

Din't capture any photos of Baby since she's just sitting quietly on my lap. She's a little princess, doesn't want her hair to be messed by the wind.

Reached there. It was at the Sungai Long hills, but instead of going up the hills, we turned right, there are new bungalows builind. There was an empty land there, nice and ready for building. But nothing were there yet, so we just kinda trespassed there. xD

My dearies.

I love the grass here.

Like it so much until I lie down. lol

The place we went to

All the time I was busy being miss perasan, my dogs were running and roaming around freely.

Darling Baby

Sigh. Their leash were attached to their collar shirt, and can't be taken off unless we take off the shirt, so I just let them dray the leash with them, resulting in a really dirty and wet leash. They were splashing through puddles too. 
My sister

Lol. My sister asked me to pose like this.


I was sitting, and then Baby jumped on my lap.

Random pictures.

My dogs were eating this plant. o_o


While walking back to our car, saw a gigantic, hideous and ugly mushroom.

The black one.

It's as big as a mango. I step on it, and the inside were disgusting. No, I don't have any photo. Sorry. It was too yucky for me to look at it closely.

In the car. Miko and Baby keep wanting to climb on the seat, but since they were wet and dirty I din't allow them to.

Begging me.

Also begging my sister.

After kacau my sister come kacau me pulak.

Baby finally settled down and sit quietly.

Miko also.

Uh-oh. Wrong though. She got up, and kacau my mum pulak since my sister and I were ignring her.

Baby a good girl :]

Got home, straight away bathed them. Now they are clean and smelled nice :]
After bathing them I took a bath myself. My head were itching from lying in the grass lol.

Oh by the way, a typical video lol.


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