Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Haha, Hoi Yee, hopefully your hair will become black again la~
As promised, here's my update about our little 'steamboat party' at Yik Jia's house.

Cui Li and I went to Yik Jia's house straight after school. Chee Ying and Peggy came a little later. Anyway, after they arrived, we started preparing all the ingredients, washing them, taking out dishes etc.

When we first started preparing


Ready to start eating :D

No tomato in Tom Yum, no life

While waiting for water to boil, everyone was playing their phone lol


Eating halfway, the wire of the extension plug suddenly burned -.-|| We din't realize at first, we're just sitting there waiting like idiots for the water to boil LOL Little did we know the wire had burned -.- Luckily Yik Jia have a spare one, phew.

The red one, useless lol

We continued, ewww vegetables -.-

Yik Jia's egg~ 

We ate till it dried out -.- Yuck~

Finished eating, we...As usual, camwhore! :P
Haha. Went to the park eventhough it's raining XP

Yik Jia and me hiding from the rain haha. See those raindrops on the bridge?

While these two are camwhoring, I come kacau-kacau xP

woots. Leng-lui ;D


haha. I asked Yik Jia to take this photo. Though it'll look good as my blog header. Changed my mind though.

swt. I know, I'm so fat. I'm must diet ._.
Anyway, we set the timer lol.

My favorite picture of the day :D

 Well, that's all. We have to leave because Peggy's aunty was waiting. Still, it's a fun day! :D

p.s: To those that know, I'm looking forward to 7th August for an even more fun day ^.o~
p.p.s: Hoi Yee I won't force you to come if you don't want to ;P


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