Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm supposed to blog about steamboat with friends, but since I lend the usb cable to Sofea and all the photos is in my phone, nothing I could do about it. Anyway, I'll update as soon an I get my usb back.

I'm determined to start studying from yesterday. I managed to read Sejarah Form 3 Bab 4. Only half of it lol. I fell asleep ._. But still, I din't online at all yesterday :D

Sigh. Nowdays, Mr.X keep sms-ing about her. If Mr.X, you are reading my blog now, please, realize that you just annoys her. And please keep your word. It annoys me when you say that you will try, bla bla bla but yet you do the opposite at school. It's not like I want to scold you in those sms, but I hope you get the point in it. My friends, they agree with me.

Anyway, stay tuned! Next update coming soon!


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