Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Day?

I dunno to say if I'm lucky or not, today I took an afternoon nap, sleep till 5.45pm. 6.00pm got tuition. So I skipped my dinner and bath and went out at once. Just when I got out, the stupid electricity CUT. -.-|| I have to rush down the stairs from the 8TH FLOOR. At the 1st floor, it's damn dark an creepy. Reached the ground floor, a little boy almost scared me to death. His home is just beside the staircase, and I've never really seen anyone from that home before. The little boy is peeping out from the wooden door, face and hand pressed against the iron door.The first thing in my mind is, OMG GHOST! (kinda like the little boy from Ju-On @.@) After I got out, I realized it's RAINING  and there's no way I'm gonna climb up to the 8TH FLOOR to get an umbrella. So I just ran out to my tuition centre, and got there, wet. sigh, If I'm just 5 minutes earlier, I could have get stuck in the elevator and SKIP TUITION. -.-|||

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