Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Second trp to National Library~

Today go to National Library~ Again~ XD Anyway, I set my alarm clock for 8am but I woke up at7.30am cause my stomach pain =_='' Then, at 9.20am, I go to 7-11 and wait...they came at 9.45 except chee ying that came at 9.30~ =_=|| Yaue Shen dad fetch us go...At the library, there is so many people~ aiz..photostat things also need to wait for so long~ Wait for almost 1 hour ++....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Anyway, after that we go to Sungei Wang~ I take the 1st cab with daryl,steven and another guy named..yong wei?? =|  forgot his name~ anyway, taking meter taxi is cheaper than a fixed price~ last time a take taxi to KLCC that is nearer cause  RM10~ now to sungei wang is only RM8~ =| We have been cheated~ >_<  Anyway, after Yik Jia, Chee Ying and Yaue Shen arrived we go to McDonald and eat~ then, went over to Time Square~ At there, Daryl said he wanna puke lol (get better soon, Daryl) Anyway, we go to Secret Recipe since tomorrow is Daryl b'day~ We spent a LONG time there, ordering only 2 slice of cake =_=|| After that, take monorail to KL Central and nearly got lost @@'' After that take KTM to Serdang~ Then home~ Skipped a lot of things...too lazy~ Plus im using bro computer and he's sleeping so I'm hurrying...=|

p.s: Thank You a lot if you understand what I'm writting~ I don't think anyone will understand at all @@||


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