Friday, April 16, 2010

FINALLY!! Japanese Class after such a long time =D
Sensei did buy the tea I requested =D NICE!! Just now sensei gave us new kanji book..harder one..T_T and she's gonna give us kanji exam..I dead liao lo........T_T KANJI GA DAIKIRAI!!!!!!!!!
Still, no kanji then no more japanese~ aiz...


It's 12.30am now... I can't sleep and I'm bored to death....T_T BORING!!!!!!!!!!!
Somemore I can't open Facebook.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anyway, today came home from school, saw a numver call me when I'm at school...I call back, and the voice said: "Welcome to 7-ELEVEN"
I was like, OMG, since I entered a contest before by 7-ELEVEN...I go check my mail..Nothing =( Then, I go to 7-ELEVEN website~ I WON!!!!!!!! The prize is an autographed CD by a malay singer..Yeah, I dint listen to Malay song but I'll sell the CD!!!!! XD  hehe~


Nowdays, I realized I'm getting worse in piano...I din't practice much, thanks to my laziness and full schedule...
=_='''  I can sense that my piano teacher is getting annoyed with me..She know I can do it, but I din't put any effort..I can't let this continue since I wanna be composer and musician...sigh...Anyway, seriously need to practice now........


There's so many things I want to do and need to do!!!!!
I have to study,exam is coming nearer!! I can't be lazy if I want to get excellent results!!!!!! I have to tidy up my room, it's covered with dust!! No wonder I sneeze everytime...I also have to clean the sugar glider cage..=_= its filthy now =P If Ah Ping (my cousin sister, the owner of the sugar glider) saw it, I think she'll go berserk! XP I have to buy a G-string for my violin too!! I also need to cut my hair!! I have to do those revision books that I bought! And my folio is not finished yet..Not to mention homework..Plus teacher is giving us Science PEKA soon..more project =_= Ok, let's skip this topic...


I think that Open Book Test is just a waste of time and energy..=_= What's the use of a test that let us refer to books?!? It's totally pointless to me =_=||


Nowdays, I'm getting really emotional...I feel so left out of everything..I know that I'm not, and my friends care about me, but I just can't help it but have that feeling! I feel they din't care about me...='( Tell me, guys, do you guys care about me? sigh.......... I'm also very confused about my feelings....I dunno whether I like that guy or not...yeah, sure, everyone have a crush, but they know it! uggh......I hate him and like him at the same time! I don't even know what my feelings are for him..='(


Anyway, I've composed a song...At first I though that I composed that song out of my frustated feeling, but then I realized...It's about my love....=X  I listen to it properly, and yeah, its about my confused feeling for love...I realized that when I firstly composed it, my frustated feeling was from my confused and lost feeling about love...Those that understand music will know what I mean when they hear the song...I've decided to name it ' Lost Love' =///=|| yeah, it's embarrasing...........


Anyway, after typing this post, I AM STILL DAM BORED!!! >_<


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