Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Exhausting Trip to Perpustakaan Negara

Yesterday, went to Perpustakaan Negara with Yik Jia, Chee Ying and 4 not so useful guys~  (ok, i mean in pulblic transportation haha) Anyway, rush home from school~ get home around 1.45pm @@''
then rushed as we plan to meet at 2pm~ aiz...then, Daryl's mum (or Tian Jin @_@//) fetch us go to the library~  At there, we put our bag 1st~ then go in~ lol~ in front of the counter, there are computers, free for us to go online~There are 2 small kid there, playing facebook's Pet Society~ So cute~ lol~ XDXD We go in, and search for the Sejarah Folio and Newspaper~ then go Photostat! self service~ I piece of paper 8sen! lol~ We make a lot of mistakes, but those unwanted paper........=x ahem ahem~
Anyway, after that, take taxi go to KLCC...
Chee Ying n Yik Jia so sui...T_T  Throw me alone with 2 guys that know nothing bout taxi at all....aiz...Anyway, from Perpustakaan Negara go to KLCC Rm10~ expensive ma?
At KLCC, have a little difficulty looking for yik jia they down from taxis at diffrent place~
Inside KLCC, go eat KFC~ I din't eat at all from morning till 6.00pm! I think cause i over hungry, the stomach shrink @@'' eat a little only full liao~ sigh...wasted my money~ Then, take LRT go to KL Sentral~  When buying tickets, I got a msg from anonymous:

anonymous: Eh, ur dog die ady ar, do funeral, nonid come tuition la
 ( I din't see the tuition part, I was so damn shocked i called anonymous at once..)
I shouted: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!? HELLO?!? !@#$%&* (censored lol)
after i shut the phone, anonymous said :i am the one hu love u always, jason yew jia yee ( I puked then say DIU) **anonymous is not jason, obviously**
I replied: FUCK YOU
anonymous: Eh, dun like this la, reply ma  ( no idea y he ask i reply..i already replied FUCK YOU..)
**I ignore, din reply**
anonymous sent again: U noe hu i am?
me: Get lost la...i know ur lee yu xian
anonymous: Shazleen said that your dog die jor, so u dont come tuition lo, is that true?
*I ignore..again...**
anonymous: Reply la
me: U get lost la
anonymous: tell me la, i jason la
*I ignore..good thing he dint bother me again*

Anyway, I feel like killing Sofea for simply giving my hp number...idiot...
and anonymous is acctually lee yu xian~

Back to KL sentral, we take KTM go to serdang...then, walked to the mines bus stop~ aiz...missed abus them wait for what seem like eternity..........After that, HOME!! YAY^^

At home. I online~ I opened the facebook chat, click on lee yu xian, and put FUCK YOU...
and he still have the nerve to ask why I din't go tuition...he so 38..=_=///

anyway, end of post~ BYE BYE~~


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