Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vietnam - Mixed up updates from the past month


Since quite a lot of things happened, I'm just going to mix up everything in a blog post...No specific order of when it  happened, since meh I just want the memories of it to stay.

Night when we went for seafood

We went at around 11.30pm I think. It was a weird feeling for me, since I barely know Cici, and Ju as well. And to go out late at night into goodness knows where haha.

We sat on tiny tables and chairs

The place is literally beside the jungle lol. Trees were around us, and bugs were flying around. Got bitten by so many mosquitoes, and also a weird big bug flew onto my hand and I panicked..

Stunned for 5 seconds, I just held out my hand hoping someone would take it away, but Cici were sort of screaming hahaha. Ju asked me to shake it off which I did. Thank god it flew away..

We had crabs!



Sorry not sorry, crabs.

Also had squid and octopus.

I was struggling with de-shelling the crab lol...Ju, being the gentleman she is, de-shelled some for me :'D 

We stayed till around 2.30am I think, and by that time there were no more taxi to bring us back to our staff house...It's a 25 minutes walk back.
Plus, it was raining.

Cici asked the man at the food stall to give us a ride back, and he kindly did.
On a motorbike.
Yep, 4 people on a motorbike.
In the dark. 
In the rain.
On some horrible jungle dirt road with crazy lots of potholes.

This is what we passed by as well

I took this picture another day.
But yeah, imagine that at night, we were passing by this with no light except from the motorbike.
Was so creepy, yet in such a beautiful way lol.

Definitely a night to remember.
I remembered I was praying that nothing will happen and I won't die lol...

Okay moving on, to.... 

A swim in the morning!

I could swim at the hotel's beach, but sadly the staff couldn't.
So we walked to this beach where they could swim. It's near the same place where we had seafood.
Went with Ju and Cici again.

We had breakfast at the seafood place.

Something like "Chee Cheong Fun"

Without sauces. Quite nice.

We had to walk through this crazy muddy road to get to the beach.

 Some random pictures

Pretty flowers

Ju and I swam, while Cici took selfies lol.
Before we even swam she was taking so many pictures.

And lol before I swam, I threw sand balls at Ju hahahhaa.

I was like, "Hey, you brought a change of clothes right?"
As soon as she said yes, I grinned and gathered sand balls in my hand. Before she could run away I threw it smack onto her hahahhaha.

Of course a tiny fun battle happened after that :D

It was just good to swim and chill.

Then the journey back...Muddy road again, and I ruined my slippers lol.

Tried to was it off, but the stains is crazy sigh.

Random ramble about my walk

Lol...I don't know how to exactly title this, but as I said in my previous posts, (I think I did mention it), I have to walk for 10 minutes from the staff house to get to the hotel.

Now, I could call a buggy to pick me up, but I find it too troublesome. It's also easy for me to call a buggy to go back, since I just need to go to the reception, but during the night I prefer to walk.

It's just so quiet and peaceful, and I pass by this lake.

Lake and road

View of the hotel when I'm almost back at staff house

The 'castle' I live in lol

But yeah, there's also days of laziness when I'll just hop onto a buggy lel.

Talking about buggy, there is this driver that talked to me for the first time...
I was walking back, and he was passing buy, so he told me to hop on.

Normal greetings, nothing happened.

The second time I was walking, and he came from behind me on a electric bicycle.
I was pretty sure he saw me and hopped on just to give me a ride lmao.

So yeah, he gave me a ride , then asked for my phone number LOL
Which I gave to him hahahahhaha.

Ended up going out with him on one of my off days...

Went to Dương Đông Town with him, and he bought me to a breakfast of Pho.

Just talked and eat, then we walked to the temple at the jetty, and just sit and talk again..
Was kinda awkward for me, since his English is not really at conversation level, but lol I can see he was trying hard to converse....

After a while we went for ice-cream! Which he kindly bought for me as well..
Yeah, quite a gentleman. Lol

But yeah, nothing happened la...Just a normal outing.
I don't know why I decided to went anyway, guess I was trying to break away from myself.

Random supper nights again

Along the month, I went out late at night for food and coffee quite a few times.

There's this once when I went with a bigger bunch,
The two new face are Hang and Nhi haha. And I probably spelled their name wrong :x

 Another night Ju and I went for coffee, and I tried the duck egg...With a developed duck embryo inside. Yeah, it looks and sounds gross, but honestly it was quite yummy. Lol

On some other night, Ju and Cici and I went for seafood again. 
This time we had corns, which were crazy delicious!!!!
And nails. Which it freaking hard to remove from the shells.

Ju was laughing at me cause I took so long, in the end she tried to help me but I wouldn't let her lol. Told her it's like a game to me hahahaha.

 A rule that I dislike

Okay I get it, they don't want any guests (kids especially) banging randomly on the piano, but I don't see why people that knows how to play shouldn't play...

I asked my manager, and he's like no no no...

Lol he even said, "Why would they wanna do that when you play so beautifully?"


But yeah, a no from him is still a no....Oh well, meh :/
I know I can probably bend the rule, but it depends on situation I guess.

And yeah guests do ask if they can play..There was this once when a father wants her teenage daughter to play lol.

And another time an old uncle tried to play, at first he was improvising a really lovely but sad tune. It sounded a bit off at some point, but seriously it was lovely despite those off notes.

Then he started playing silent night, not really good but er, ok la. From then I can see, he probably never had any lesson before but was just playing by ears I guess.

He stopped when I had to begin my set, but after I finished playing and went for dinner, I heard him banging about, and oh my god it was horrible lol. Whatever lovely tune he played earlier, vanished. It sounds like a bunch of kids banging on the piano at once...

Well, I guess this is why my manager insists on the rule :s

Random ink

Drew this on my arm for fun, and people thought it was real hahahhaa.

Crocodile meat

Tried crocodile meat :x
It taste like a cross between pork and chicken, with quite a spicy flavor to it lol

Selfie spam

Night I went drinking

Drank beer! This was yesterday actually hahha.
I dislike beer to be honest, but yeah I can take the local beer cause it's so mild hahaha.

But still...I got incredibly tipsy after 1 and a half can :S

And at half a can, I'm red!!!!

I went with the staffs from the bar, almost 10 of them I think. Or more than that. 

Cake is because it was someone's birthday was near lol

Random picture in the staff house while waiting for other staffs

Yeo!!!!!! (Their version of cheers, not sure if spelled correctly)

Couldn't really see my, Hang blocked my face hahaha.

But yeah, towards the end I was feeling so light headed, and I couldn't really grasp much sense anymore lol. 

It was quite fun la, but er I guess I prefer smaller company.

Man since when have I become so introverted..

Well I guess that's it for now. 

I'm still hoping to write a seperate blog post on Gahn Yau beach and Tranh waterfall lol.

Coming in the future!


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