Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gahn Yau Beach!

Gahn Yau beach!! I love it, the first time I went there was 12th November, a month ago! Haha finally have the mood to blog about it.

Ju and Cici brought me there. Ju told me it's a beach with cliffs (not exactly, but it's big tall stones and rocks)

I didn't expect anything really nice, so I was really surprised when I got there. We went at 8am, since we had to work in the afternoon.

We had some drinks and snacks first, just sitting and chilling and chatting :D
I was just staring at the water, mesmerized by the clearness.

Crystal clear!!

After we're done drinking and snacking, we went to the right side of the beach.

There were a wall, so of course I had to climb it lol.

Some leaves by the wall which I thought was pretty!

Another wall! But this was in ruins, not a proper wall. Still had to climb it haha.

Nyehehhehhe. This reminds me of lion king hahahahha.

Rocky beach

At a certain part, the colors are reddish orange and yellow. Water is perfectly clear, it's just the rocks that's colored.

 Panorama. So pretty right?!

It was so peaceful!
I wish I could stay there the whole day and swim.

But I had to work in the afternoon, and stupid me didn't bring a change of clothes cause I didn't expect I would want to swim there.

Anyway, we then turn back and walked to the left side of the beach.

We found a starfish!

There's a small but long bridge along the rocky side! It's a bit unstable and I was so afraid that the plank would snap in half under my weight lol. At some part it's quite high up as well, I was slightly afraid ._.

But omg it's so prettttyyyy.

Tree leaves and branched above us while we walk :)

At one part, there is this cave like hollow.

More climbing lol

And as we walk further along.....

Tiny cliffs!!!

Ju and Cici and I!

It was quite high I guess? 
But while I was getting climbing around, I tore my shorts hahahaha.

There is about a 2.5inch hole at the back of my shorts. So yeah, flashing mah buttcheeks ahhahahahha.

And oh, there were tiny cute fishies!

Not visible in pictures, but the water is so pretttyyyy!

Then we turn back...

At the same time taking picture haha.

We then went into a restaurant by the beach.


We had some squid and scallops, but lol no picture. It was alright, but it's expensive. I don't remember the price though LOL

But yeah, comparing to other places, it was expensive.

When we're done with the meal, Cici bought durian!

Taste wise, it's just meh. The flash was dry. But it's sweet.

Would not have it again though lol.
The durians that I had in Malaysia were way better.

So yeah, after the meal we went back.

In this one month, I've been to this beach a total of 3 times.

After seeing how beautiful it is, I just had to go back to swim and snorkel.
There were some corals, but it's the hard type and not really that pretty.

Plenty of fish though!

And they're quite tame, especially those really small fishes. They'll come really near to you :3

Haha it was Ju's first time swimming among corals and fishes, and I can see she's kinda freaked out at first. Since she didn't have a goggles and can't see what's below here lol.

I lend her mine, and we took turns using it. 

Cici just chill at the beach haha.

As for the third time I went, it was only 4 days ago actually. It was only Ju and me, and we walked to the beach LOL

Took us 1 hour 30 minutes hahahhaa.
But it was fine, I enjoyed the walk since there is the woods on both of our side, and I saw a pair of hornbills!

Also I have good company.

I hate the motors and lorries passing by though, so noisy and dirty :/

Pretty nature along the way!

We then swam for 1 hour and 30 minutes. This time we swam further out, and I saw more species of fishes :3

There were also like big round coral stone, and it was pink! So pretty.It's shaped like a barrel.

No pictures at the beach cause I was just enjoying haha.
After that we went and eat at a nearby restaurant.

We had bbq squid with ladies fingers!
Also a plate of stir fried seafood noodles, but it's not in the picture.

Plus a bottle of sim wine, a special local wine produced by sim fruit. One of the island's specialty haha.

We drank about 60% of it before I call quits lol. I'm sure Ju can drink more, but she won't drink unless I do. Welp sorry I failed lel.

I was soooooooo red.
And soooooooo dizzy.

When I walk I feel like I was flying.
And when I got back to the staff house, everyone stared at me and asked Ju where did we go, and she laughed at me lol. 

I don't think I was even walking straight? Meh I don't know haha.

I don't think I was drunk, but I slept at once when i got back. And when I woke up, headache fml.

Oh well I guess that's it lol. 


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