Monday, November 23, 2015

Dương Đông Town

Hello! On 4th November I met this girl called Ju (Which I think she just made up on the spot so I could easily remember her name hahahaa. Her real name is Hương, which is promounced as..I can't type it lol. )

Anyway, she's the waitress at the bar in the lobby where I play. She talked to me first, since well she said I look so sad and lonely all alone hahaha. She's really nice though, been taking care of me till now :3 (Typing this on 23rd November) 

And her birthday is only a day before mine!! Scorpio's ftw haha. She's 2 years older than me though.

So back to the original purpose of this post lol, Dương Đông Town. 

Coincidentally for my first off day, it's the same day as Ju! Yay so she kindly brought me to town :D
So glad she's willing to bring me out. But I think it's probably because she knows how lonely feels like. I can sense some emotions in her that is similar to me lol. In a way I guess we're similar?

Lol off topic again. Should just change the title to Dương Đông Town and Ju. Hahhaa. 

So...I've known her for 2 days and she is kind enough to bring me to town yay!
We had lunch together in the staff canteen before we went, and we start to talk more.


Lol she was worried I would dislike the food. It's fine, it reminded me of Malaysian chinese home cooked food.

After lunch, we took the company's bus and went :)

I can see that Ju is probably the type of person that cares about people around her more than herself. 
She keep on reminding my if I have my staff ID card, stopping me from killing myself (I almost walked onto the road without seeing an approaching motorbike lol. She stopped me in time).

Also helped me pay for stuff first since I don't have small change and she brought me to the bank to get my money changed. Acted just like my elder brother xD (Not that my real brother is ever that nice and kind hahahahaha)

Which made me feel weird cause....Her physical size is smaller than me. In fact, I noticed that most Vietnamese girls are shorter than me :'D

Below is a picture of the market place in town. We went there first to get some stuff.

It was so NOISY. Honks everywhere! Motorbikes were zooming around in all directions, and one almost ran over my foot. -_-

It was a whole new overwhelming experience for me lol. If I'm alone I probably would not survive lel.

After shopping, we took a taxi to a cafe.
It's an ice-cream cafe!!! I was like AWW YASSSSS. That was when Ju learnt I LOVE ICE-CREAM. lol

Her coffee and my ice-cream

Lol she told me coffee is her life.

Hi! haha

After this we walked to the seaside which is really near. Also there's a temple built on the cliff, we visited but I didn't take any picture.

The view from the temple. It was beautifulll

Selfie! Lol excuse my eye bags. I was TIRED from everything that time..

Hung around a while, then we walked down the jetty till the end, sat down and watched the sun set.
So nice :3

Lol picture taken before we got to the end. But yeah, see that tower at the back? That's where we went and just sit, enjoying the sea breeze and chatting.

After the sun has gone, we walked back, and she told me to try the Vietnamese "rice paper pancakes" lol. It was nice!!!

Sorry I can't remember what it's called in Vietnamese lel.
But it cost only 10000Dong. Cheap and nice!

Also told her to take this emo picture of me haha.

Next, dinner time! SEAFOOD!!
Not that I'm a huge fan, but her I'm by the sea after all.

So many choice. Each dish is priced at 50000 Dong.
We picked 4 lmao. Greedy and glutton much, we ended up not being able to finish everything.

Everything above was 130000 Dong. About RM25/person. 

It's enough for 3 person! So yeah, cheap :D

Everything was good except sea urchin. Ugghhh never again will I order.

After dinner, we went to the night market. Lol it was targeted for foreigners, so the stuff they sell there are very er...touristy and pricey. 

But we saw some interesting seafood stalls!

Dun dun dun

There were snakes!!! Must try one day. 

All we bought from the night market were ice-cream, cause I want it hahaha.

After that we walked back to the bus station only to find out that it's delayed and hour, so we went for some bubble milk tea.

And..that's it, my first visit to town lol. 

And first food poisoning I got here. Hahahahhaha. 
Probably from all the mixture of food I eat, I should have seen it coming.

Thank god the pain was bearable la, and I had medicine.

So yeah....Only writing this post on 23rd LOL
More than 2 weeks overdue.

Okay that's it time to sleep!
Sometime in the future I'll update about a beach visit!


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