Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just...another day.

So..well that date is my birthday =w=
I turned 17. Meh I don't feel any difference lol (duh)

Anyway, it's just...another day.
Only difference is just that I woke up, and there's Birthday wishes for me by friends that texted me. And Facebook wishes lol.

Morning I woke around 8.30am, ate breakfast, and read my novel a little. After that revise some physics lol =w=

Around 12.30pm (I think) Crystal called me, and she came over lol~
Chatted for a while, then do a little bit of physics (again) and tiny tiny bit of add maths.

After she left, I watched Men in Black II. :3
Watched till halfway headache, so I sleep after the movie finished :/
And another reason I sleep is cause I want the day to pass quicker.
It's just...meh =w=
I can sense that mom is feeling stressed about a lot of problems, and I just felt emo and gloomy, so I sleep :/ Trying to run away from thoughts ._.

When I woke up saw that I Bryan texted me. Lol this part is actually quite amusing. He have not wished me yet, and I'm like..."Not sure if you really forgot my birthday or you planning something"

So meh I didn't ask him anything yet lo.
Anyway when I saw that he texted me I told him that he's making me sad lol.
And he's like..."why???"
and then he proceed to send a print screen of him wishing me good luck in SPM. -_-
Im like, "are u fucking kidding me?" and then I ignore him lol and go take a shower.
(Hey my mood is still damn crappy okay .___. so i forgot about what I thought about no need to ask him anything cause I know he wont actually forget and haha i spoil everything instead LOL)
Anyway after I got out from the shower he said he said he just messing around and scared later I pissed off lol so he wish me happy bday lol what.

he actually planned to call me 5 minutes before the day ends lol.

thinking back its pretty idiotic of me meh =w=
but lol dont mess with girls in bad mood ahaha =w=
Meh okay I think whatever I ranted about can only be understood by me lol~

Okay anyway forget about that I feel stupid now =w=
And I kinda see how amusing I can be -_-;;;


For dinner it's nothing fancy or anything meh =w=
It's a bad month :/
No money lol...
So just eat at Pizza Hut
But not bad la at least I like pizza -w-

And lol this year...Everyone told me my present will be postponed lol.
I have no idea how to react to that.
It's not really important to me to be honest ._.
But of course I'm very happy that they've thought of me ;w;
Sankyuu!!!!!!! <3 p="p">
Oh and guess what, surprise surprise!
Bro got me a necklace xD
Treble clef necklace >w<
Haha I love it :3


So I guess..Thats it. Its just like...every other day ._.
And I still feel quite gloomy, I mean who could be happy when their family is uhhh...getting messy? :/
Anyway time I go to sleep.

Goodnight, blog.

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