Saturday, August 25, 2012

CrestFall band at Animangaki 2012

Woohooo!! We performed yesterday!! :D
I can't judge how the performance went since I'm not in the audience, but I guess it was okay..

CrestFall, maybe that's not a good name in your opinion, cause CrestFallen?
But actually it brings another meaning, it's "Yuuki" (勇気) which means bravery.

As I said in my last post, it's all very rushed and last minute, with a total of only 5 jamming hours before we performed. Haha so that just shows we could do it as long as we have the determination :D

I took some jamming pictures, but they're awful lol. Cause the studio is so dim =w=

 Dustin, bassist.

 Daniel, lead guitarist.

David, rhythm guitarist. 

Minori, vocalist. 

Drummer, Chrysler.

No photos of me lol, lazy ask someone to help me take~
Haha, look kind of poor right?
But that's just cause of awful photos x_x 
Don't judge yet :|

Meh, anyway was supposed to go to Sunway Convention centre at 8am for soundcheck, but Dustin was late =w=
And on the way his car tyre broke down lol, took around 20 minutes to fix it. Haha bad luck.

HAHA I took a picture LOL
(too free, nothing to do while waiting for Dustin and his friend to fix it =w= )

Meh, anyway, got to Sunway around 9.30am I think?

Then got this, as our pass xD

HAHA "superstar" awww yeah! xD 

Then we soundcheck, and haha Dustin's bad luck strike again, his bass string broke lol!
So we went down to Guitar Store to get it changed.

Then basically after that we just went to a staircase corner and discuss/practice/meditate/listen to music haha...At 1pm, went to listen to Minori solo singing.
After her solo, just hang around and discussion again.

And then...3.30pm! Performance time :DD

No on stage pictures yet /_\
But after performing we photoshoot a bit.

 Me with Minori :D

Full band :D 
Minori's peace at my head, I've become a bunny lol =w= 

My little harem HAHA  

Me with Dustin 

Full band again :D 

Me, Chrysler, Minori, Dustin 

Full band with David's mouth opened xD 

Me, Chrysler, Minori

I'm actually very glad to be able to join this time too, eventhough it was freaking last minute and rushing.
Wasn't supposed to join for AMG, cause Jason wouldn't let me, he said my trial is very near and he wants me to study first LOL
But in a funny way it ended up me joining, and he going off to Phucket and not joining HAHA.

Weeee I love my band :D
Another of the best things that happened to me >w<

Well that's all for this post, ciao!

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