Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charity Sale for Hospis Malaysia

Woots. This happened a long time ago. I think it's last month? Or almost 2 months ago :x
Can't remember lol.
Anyway, mom went and sold all of some clothes lol. It's her old clothes, never worn before, still with price tag attached wtf =w=

I helped mom with all the packings and sorting out lol.

And then guess what I found in a box of my old clothes....

 Lol I guess I'm a pretty awesome kid, no? xD
I think I worn it when I was 10 lol.

Anyway, went to the sale at about 8am, and began setting it up.

So many clothes @w@
Mom let go most of them at RM10, which I think is ridiculous cause I'm pretty sure most of them cost at least RM50 =3=
But lol mom say since it's for charity, so oh well...=w=
Oh ya, all profits made is donated 50% to Hospis Malaysia.

It was a really hot day =A=
Kept buying ice and water lol.
But hmmm...overall it's fun, except when a whole lot of costomer came at once  =A= Got really busy then

Haha I guess that's all.
Just trying to update my blog with random pictures I have and to keep it as memory lol.

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