Thursday, August 23, 2012

Band Jamming

Lol an up to date post :3
Happened today actually haha.

So, 4 days ago (Sunday), I somehow ended up joining my band again.
And since I was out the whole day on Monday, that left me 3 days to practice.
And the songs we need to play doesn't have piano/keyboard score =A=

And worst thing is that most of it is sync effect OTL
So I listened to the songs for like a hundred times lol till I caught everything.
And whew, proud to say I managed to do it even though it's not that perfect =w=

Surprisingly at today's jamming it went a whole lot better than I expected lol.
Today's the first jamming with complete band member.
Vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, drummer, bassist, and me, keyboardist.
We managed to play along well, just that there's some slight rhythm problem which hopefully will be fixed tomorrow haha.

Anyway, this time everything's really last minute wtf.
Rhythm guitarist got dragged into this 2 days ago.
Me 4 days ago.
For the others they were just waiting for jamming session lol.
Anyway there's only a day left before we perform @_@
I hope everything will be okay! :3

Haha I'll try and get pictures at tomorrow's session and update again~

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