Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vocaloid Singing Competition

Well, today went to Sungai Wang with Chii for the Vocaloid Singing Competition =w=
It was fun lol, though tiring OTL

Wearing Miku wig is very uncomfortable =A=
It's heavy, and unstable OTL
Miku cosers, I admire you =w=b

Haha anyway I sang Koi wa Sensou, and ahaha =w=
Timing kinda out OTL
Shaky voice =w=
But meh gonna judge myself again when people uploads video =w=

And oh yeah, M.V.P (Malaysia Vocaloid Party) made a banner, with colorful balloons /w\
so touched QwQ

 Me with Hina =w=

asdfghjk theres some picture in my phone which I'm too lazy too upload now =w=

Ahaha =w=

 I look like....asdfgdfghj dunno what to say =A=

So many Miku =w=

Anyway, first place is won by Stella, congrats!

Lol nothing to say anymore =w=

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