Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Krabi Island

Yooo~! I'm back from my 4D3N trip to Ao Nang, Krabi Island, Thailand :3
It's an awesome trip! Eventhough I'm sunburned, regardless of the amount of sunscreen I applied OTL

The ride to the airport was fast o.O Haha mom hired a van to bring the whole family there~

And the airplane ride was awful =A=
I hate flying oTL....Feeling so dizzy the whole time :S

Anyway, we're staying in Princeville Hotel.

Welcome drink :3

Deluxe room. It's bigger than I thought lol.

Lol blur photo =w= But hmm..considering the budget, this hotel considered very nice :3
Plus beside the hotel its a whole street of shops and restaurants. And opposite the hotel its the beach >D

The first day there we're just chilling out in the hotel, walk about the streets, eat tea, go back to hotel and swim, eat dinner, then sleep xD

 Streets outside ze hotel :3

Lol dunno why they took this picture

 The pancake is actually something like roti canai lol. It's delicious >3

We had dinner at a Italian restaurant, called Jesao if i remembered clearly =w= (most of the restaurants there are Italian, don't ask me why lol, they serve some Thai food though) We ordered some pizza, Thai food and lobster XD

 A mocktail called Cinderella lol. Recommended by the waiter
 The pizza :3 only 150Baht OAO

LOBSTER! Damn delicious >w<
And hmm...800Baht for two, quite cheap I think?

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, 100Baht = RM10 lol.

After dinner, just walked around then chillax in hotel room -w-

The second day, went Island hopping :3
 Haha woke up early for breakfast~

We visited 4 Island. Forgot the names ahaha, but I remembered we visited Tub Island, Chicken Island, and Hong Island. 

Hmm...Personally I prefer Redang at Terengganu, more fishes, coral, and the water here is bluer. At Krabi the water is more to green, but its clear anyway.

Before boarding the boat

Haha my bro~~

So, that's the first island haha. Forgot it's name :S
Then, moving on to other island~

 Scared of sunburnt lol, and thats my sis btw
 I climbed up on top of the boat XD

Haha sea mist was spraying all over me >w<

Random photos :3
We went snorkelling too, but photos in bro's phone -_-"

After getting back to hotel, stroll around taking pictures :3 And..more pancakes!! *fatdieme*


 Honey, peanut butter, chocolate, nutella XD
Shared with mom and sis lol.
30Baht each XD

My freaking awesome nutella >w<

Haha xD Wearing strapless lol, if in Malaysia I don't dare wear =A= Everyone here will stare XD
But at Krabi, so many Europeans XD Don't care! Plus, sunburned OTL

=w= Red like a tomato~

Then, at night went to Krabi town for the night market lol. Everything there is damn cheap, though lots and lots of fake stuff :S Saw so many Gucci LOL

And we had dinner in KFC lololol.
Cause nothing else to eat :x
And guess what? The chicken there taste better than in Malaysia :3 And CHEAPER!

Haha anyway after that went back to hotel~

So, on the third day, went elephant riding, a short visit to Tiger cave and visit hot stream, and emerald pool.
Bought popsicles >w<

 Hot stream for the legs lol

This part for the whole body~

 Elephant ride!

 The elephant so adorable >w<
Keep reaching out its trunk for banana and pineapple :3

 In the tiger cave 

Emerald pool =w= Meh, just a lake, but very clear~

Hmm...the third day not as fun as the second day lol. Very tiring orz
Anyway, went for massage after getting back to hotel =w=
I choose Aloevera massage~ Was awesome >w< 
Execpt when the lady suddenly squeeze my sunburned shoulder =A=

Only 200baht, with free manicure and pedicure o.o
Hmm...not exactly great job la, but the people there is so damn friendly and humble! Love them >w<
And they give free pineapple too when giving out flyers the first time we saw them o.o Plus they serve free coffee lol.

At night, went to a pub with mom, bro, and sis.

 "Sex on the beach"

Stupid bro ordered a whole bucket =A=
I don't drink much lol, but my face was red, and I'm not feeling well at all OTL
The busket is the size of ice bucket, cost 500baht.

And then....The last day QwQ
No plan on last day, cause we have to check out at 11.30am, flight at 2pm :/

Sad to be leaving T^T

Anyway, we just walked to McD lol to eat their pork burger wtf XD

......uncle too free, so took picture of my hairy arm wtf

The McDelivery number there is my birthday owo

Lol. After that, went back to hotel and check out TwT

Oh yeah, dunno which night, we went to 7-11 lol.
They sell these really cook one piece packaging green tea TwT
 Really cheap too, only 10baht one! OAO

And guess what...My bro got this shirt XD

 Haha XD

Lol, basically, thats all of the trip =w=
Next time I go back, will be staying for a whole week! 



  1. love the blog.
    i checked curency and 1 rm = 10 thb not 100. we are going in october this year, can't wait.

    western austrlia

    1. Thanks for pointing out the mistake! Fixed :) have a good time there :D