Friday, June 1, 2012

Random memories, pictures.

Was feeling quite emo, so I open my pictures folder and browse through old photos.
So many photos, so many memories.
So many things was lost, yet so many gained.

It's gonna be totally random, every photos here is taken from each album separately lol.

This was last year, I told Crystal to pick the most hideous outfit she can find and we'll try it together haha.

This is one of my earliest 'perasan' photo ever lol. I hate the camera till I'm 15 I think. But hmm...I think I'm 14  in this photo?

Choir, after PMR.

When I was in Form 2. Vice President of Briged KH club. Won some dunno what prize.

After PMR dinner, Yesterday Once More. Haha Crystal you changed so much!! That time we're not close yet lol xD

UPM trip during form 4.

Last year BBQ party. The water balloon fight was awesome!

Aki and me, during this year CNY holidays I think?

This year's BBQ steamboat buffet lol. Was so fat xD I'm around 62kg that time? :S

Haha. Made this when avatar was popular back then lol.

When I was 14. Celebrating either mine or Sofea's birthday lol.

When we're still form 3, went to library to do folio lol. And I edited this photo, each person with their own meaning.

Fml i miss my smooth face. Right now stupid fucking acne is making me insecure :/
Anyway in this picture, I tried using mascara lol. Last year I think? Or this year =w=

Last year, 16th's birthday cake and tart from Chii and Mom. Both strawberry, and last year was one of the best birthday ever. Sankyuu Chii and everyone <3

Either in form 2 or form 3. Haha I looked so noob.

In form 3. Just moved into Scot Pine not long ago.

Last year lol. Tempted to cut bangs again but...meh.

During form 3.

During Briged KH. Making paper.

Last year I think?

During when I ponteng school haha. Eiither last year or this year. God I want my old pimple-less skin back :/

This year, after I permed my hair. Pimples showing...

Stupid acne.... :/

Trying on lens and make up lol. Ahhhh asdfghjk fucking acne. It's making me feel insecure, more than my weight does.

During last year I think?

Yesterday Once More.

First Comic Fiesta Aki and I went to. 2010.

Had no idea what the hell was I doing lol.

Attempting a jumo shoot lol.

Haha. Aki and me. I just realized our hair grow together :3

Last year lol. Looked so noob, and why the hell am I shooting Kar Hao lol.

 During form 2 haha. Also one of my earliest picture.

During Form 3...I miss the time we had together :/

During early form 3? Random shot at KFC lol.

Early last year.

Classic star shot lol.

Me in school last year haha.
Hair still short.

Miko distubing me reading...

Darling Baby..

Miko like a sir.

During form 3 I think....

Feelina like how I looked in the picture right now, emo and kinda emotionless?

End of post, just posting these pictures out to remind myself of the times and memories I have, all the hard times I had and reminding myself I'm strong enough to go through them.

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