Friday, March 6, 2015

My hair journey with Manic Panic Shocking Blue

I'm pretty sure most of you have known I've had some pretty crazy hair colors for the past 2 years.
It started with just a small turqoise strand at the back and bottom of my head, and from there it escalated to other colors.

The latest color I dyed was Manic Panic Shocking Blue.
I dyed it about 2 months ago, and this is the outcome:

I've already had bleached hair, so I didn't bother bleaching my hair again.
I was blonde, I bleached my hair myself at home. I bleached my hair 4 times, using 30vol. developer.

But I didn't dye my hair blue it on top of this pure bleached hair though.
I actually went to a hair salon, and got this color done.

Black on top, purple at the bottom.

Haha pardon my make up, I took this photo after I came back from a photoshoot.
Anyway, this color faded to a hideous brownish ash blonde, and that's when I applied manic panic.


Freshly dyed:

It look a crazy blue under strong sunlight, and it look really dark, close to purple under dim yellow light. This color lasted quite a long time. I washed my hair every alternate day, and after 2 weeks, the color is still quite strong.

Outdoor sunlight and indoor sunlight.
It's beginning to turn purple, with some mild pink streaks which is really cool.
I totally love the color at this point.

After another 2 and a half weeks, it faded to this color that look sort of brownish purple, with streaks of pink and blue.

Then another week passed and it became this color...

Pictures taken 2 days apart, but the one on the right is taken with a DSLR, hence better quality.

Another week and it turned more pinkish.

Taken with a DSLR as well.

Lol this photo is taken on the same day, though the camera settings made the color look darker.

The next day, the color faded more after I swam in the sea.

And after another 2 weeks, which is now, most of the colors are gone. The blue streaks is faded to gray, purple/pink into brownish pink/purple.

Well, I guess that's it.
It was fun watching my hair fade to different shades of color. Will definately try more manic panic in the future :D

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