Monday, March 11, 2013

Working at Big Bad Wold Fire Sale

Finally time to update blog! (Okay actually I feel guilty updating now, talk about that later in another post)

For the past week, I've been working at the Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale,from 25th February till 5th March. It's a tiring job. The first 3 days is the setup day. We start work at 9am, but we have to reach at 8.30am. Then we work till 9pm. Setup time was awful, got damn tired. Carried books all the time, and worse is I got Science Fiction section. All those Science fiction books are damn heavy -___-

On 28th February, the actual sales start. I got positioned as a counter, which means I count the number of books according to price that customer buys. I work at cashier no.12, with Carmen as the Cashier and Sean as packer.

Working with them is great, Carmen is quite patient with me lol, despite all the mistakes I made hahaha. I kinda got stressed out when there's a huge crowd, plus the boss is standing just behind us -.-
In the end I exchanged position with Sean,I pack and he count. =w=
There's also some time when I be the cashier, like when Carmen went for break lol. And there's the last day of sale, where I got food poisoning -_- I don't feel well to stand, I felt like dying lol. So I be the cashier and just sat. Thank god there's not much people that day.

The reason I think I got food poisoning is because the food I ate is too oily and spicy. They provide us food, and for 8 freaking days for every lunch and dinner, I ate 'zap fan'. Mixed rice. They always gave us chicken, then vegetables, and some random stuff like fish cake/egg/potato etc.
Uhhhhhggghhhhh phobia those food already. =_____=

Working at this sale is a great experience actually. Despite the food hahhaa. I learnt so many things, and I met so many people. :)

 A photo Aki took of me during last day haha

With Bernard (black shirt guy) that work along with Sing Yee and me at Science Fiction and Brendan (his friend, white shirt guy) and I dunno who's the guy in cap lol

Anyway, on the last day, I was still feeling sick. We head to The Mines with the girls for a short while, but then I can't stand it anymore and left. Managed to take a picture.

With Yvonne (beside Aki) and Yi Er (right)

Since I left early, I promised them we'll hang out on payday, which was on Friday.
We went to take our pay cheque, then we took lrt and ktm to Midvalley.
We had late lunch/early dinner at Kim Gary, we chatted and took photos :)

Haha my faded hair

 With Crystal :D

Our look of the day :D (minus shoe lol)

lol in lrt

When we got to Midvalley, it's kind of late. :/ Need to leave early since Crystal can't stay late (sigh) then need to avoid traffic jam too.
We went to Kim Gary and ordered our food at once, no time to walk around :/

 My lemon grape :D Love it ^^

Aki and me :)

Then after meal, we quickly took photos together outside.

 Me with Daphne :)

Everyone together :D

After that we had to leave. Bro was in Midvalley with Pei Shan, so he fetched us home.
Though he forgot where he parked his car and we had to wander around looking for it like idiots lol -_-

Photos in car lol. Hahhahaha.
That's all I guess. Hope I'll have the chance to meet and hang out with my colleagues again :D

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