Monday, March 11, 2013

Past few days

Okay, gonna talk about reason why I feel guilty about blogging now as I stated in my last post.
I'm actually supposed to be at Midvalley now.
Celebrating Bryan's birthday. But I canceled off. :/

Reason why is because I'm feeling tired of going out. I kept going out the past few days.
I finished work on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I'm still sick. I just spent the day sleeping.
On Thursday I went out for my last driving lesson, ran some errands and get a new glasses, and I have my piano class too.
On Friday was my payday, (blogged about it here) and then there's class at night.
On Saturday, cousin moved into his new house at Sungai Long. Went around helping. And at night I redyed my hair since it's all faded.
Then on Sunday (yesterday), I had my band photoshoot.
In the morning I had to fixed some part of my hair that didn't have enough color, then I spent the whole noon getting ready, putting on makeup and fixing my hair. In the evening, went to Jason's house and then we leave to Putrajaya.

We shoot till almost 12am. Quite tiring, but I think it's worth it.
Had fun messing about with them, and yesterday made me realize how much I missed my band and everyone. Got home around 12.15am, then after I done packing away stuff and showering and blowing my hair, it's 2am -___-

And I have driving exam tomorrow sigh. Need to be at the office by 6.30am. I know that if I go out today I'll probably reach home at night too...

So, sorry Bryan!! Hahha I know this is a whole post of excuses but I'm feeling seriously tired. No, not exactly tired, but kind of like anti-social. Lol. If I go also I'll be quite emo and ruins everyone mood lol. =w=

I'll belanja you meal when I see you next :D With an ice-cream hahahaha.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to the photos of yesterday shoot. :D

So far there's one, and it's awesome!
Thanks to Haziq Photography! :D

Looking at this photo, I realized that as usual, I'm the shortest. Even with heels. asdfgsdfghj
Kind of got teased yesterday too about being short. (flip table)

And lol I wonder why I'm standing in the middle instead of Minori...hmmm...

To be honest, I don't think I'm short actually, just that the people I hang out with is a whole lot taller than me. So there.

Hahhaha okay ciao! Gonna snuggle down on the sofa with a book and milo /w\

Buh bye! Will update once I have pictures!

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