Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm going to change. >:D

Hmmm...Finally have some time to on the computer.
Past few days was just checking notifications on phone lol, and you know what, I DID MY HOMEWORK! XD


Lol okay I guess I can say I've been thinking alot.
This is my last chance to actually wake up at 6.30am in the morning, and get in an uniform that makes you look like a lousy maid wtf.

I'm gonna APPRECIATE this year, lived it to the max and enjoy.

All the while I've always been super duper lazy and don't care.

I remember, during Standard 6 (Which is actually not that bad, in fact it's very fun and memorable) I got 4 A and 1 B in UPSR.
That time I felt nothing, as I have no ideas how important studies is.
Heck, I never opened and read any book except doing my homework.

In Form 3, I got 5A and 2B for PMR.
Hell, I though I could get straight A's, eventhough I didn't really put and effort :/
I got B for BM, and for KH :/
That I regretted the most. If only I concentrated more in class, and do my project nicely, and revise ._.
But the past is the past and I can't change it.

All I can do now is, make sure I don't make the same mistake again.
I need to get straight A in SPM, and I will work for it.
All the Form 4 work that I fail, I'm gonna turn it to A :/

Lol I can't really believe I'm typing all these stuff out.

Meh :/ So far, I think I've been getting along okay, done most homework, listened in most class lol.
(Why did I put 'most'? =w= )

Still, this is no more honeymoon year and I know it :/

I will only sit for SPM once, and I'm going to make the most out of it. I want to feel the feeling of getting straight A.

Online less, go out less. Join all school activities.

And I will focus more on my piano too :/
Last year my Grade 5 exam, I just passed wtf. I know I could get distinction if I worked hard enough.
I was VERY LUCKY to even pass, because my scale failed wtf. Getting a pass is pure miracle as I only practice around 2 weeks before exam =_=

This year I will be taking Grade 7, and I will make I don't make the same mistake too OTL
So far I'm still fine I guess, at least I practiced my scales for real this time :/

Gahhhh I'm suddenly feeling the need to rant about all these stuff lol.
But then, I know that once I've posted this out, I will and I AM GONNA make it happen :/

I'm going to change myself now.
Exercise more. Get rid of all the excess fats..... =w=
Stop being so lazy. Don't over enjoy my life by going out all the time :/

Lol I don't mean I will become miss goody goody I don't go out I don't have fun I will only study study blablabla.
Of course I will still go out XD Cosplay, movies, karaoke, outing lol. Just that I will make sure that my work is done. :/

Lol okay enough ranting for now XD I'm like those over goody people ady o.O
Lololol so weird XD Anyway, don't think too much la, I just ranting XD But then...who knows what will happen huh XD Okay I stop lol.

Hopefully, what I aim for will be mine :3

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