Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey guys...Been some time since I post..Well, a lot happened since then~ My cosplay thing arrive, and I had a blast playing with them and taking photos~

 How I put my wig xD

Luka, Lenalee, and Simca clothes :D

 Lenalee :D

Luka, Miku, and Rin =3= Of course, I'm Luka.

And yeah, I also went to the event, c2age at Tropicana City Mall. Had fun.

Meh there's a lot more photos...Lazy upload..If you want to see, go to my facebook profile.

And oh yeah, I went to Pulau Sibu er....A very long time ago.

Guess I could say the stay there is so so...Not nice and not bad~ What I love about going there is getting to take loads of photos (which I haven't upload yet ._. ) and getting to have share a room with just me, my sis, and my bro~~

Well...Gotto go...Maybe I'll upload more pictures later~ Bye~


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