Monday, May 9, 2011

Mid term Exam!!! _|_

Sigh...Today at school damn my feeling is damn down..><" But after recess, I'm better~ Can't be down for long  with such crazy friends and classmates~

I'm really stressed out yesterday night, till I cried. ._.

It's not only because of exam, it's everything mixed up together.

My piano, I've got stacks of pass year papers to do, and I don't like music theory. I'm very slow at it sigh...
Then, I still haven't practice the piece my teacher ask me to play, and also my exam pieces sigh....

Then Japanese class...I've missed 2 class now, FML.
So many homework need to do, and so many things to revise too..
Exam N3 at July, and I don't want to fail...But looking at my books, what with all the kanji and grammar to remember, I wonder if I can pass..So damn many things to study, sigh......

I din't go for tuition, and the teachers at school sucks, so I din't pay much attention. Doesn't matter anyway, because I won't understand even if I pay attention. Those teachers don't know how to teach, they're always off topic. Fuck.

And the day after tomorrow is exam. Damn, I don't even know which chapter I need to read nor the format of the exam. Right now, I'm not so worried as yesterday, because I found out the time for additional maths, physics, biology, and chemist will next week. Thank goodness. I will still have some time.

Sigh, right now I'm studying Bahasa Melayu, komsas. And damn, I haven't even start on history yet. Stupid history, I HATE YOU!! And the stuopid history teacher to =_=!
She doesn't even know what she's teaching! And she din't even teach, lazy idiot ==!
Always ask the students to do presentation while you sit behind and act pro. Fuck.

Sigh, I'm getting really mad now. How do the government and school expect the student to get good results if the teacher is bullshit?! How the hell did those so called 'teachers' qualify to teach? DAMN.

Sigh. Sometimes I just wish I could go awat from Malaysia. Damn.


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